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Web Design Tips to Help Drive Sales to Your Business

Getting the number one spot in search results is a cause for celebration. After all, it’s proof that you’ve been making all the right optimization moves the whole time. Pretty soon, more traffic will come in, validating your SEO efforts further.

What would make things even more special is if the higher ranking and increased traffic leading to more sales for your business, which is the ultimate conversion for any website. However, many other factors could affect sales. Your site’s web design is one such factor.

It’s entirely possible for a high-ranking and heavily-visited site to have little to no sales because of issues with your web design. If your site fits the above description, then here are some essential web design tips that may help turn things around and drive sales to your business.

Keep your contact form short.

Your contact form should only ask for names, email addresses, and zip codes. Anything more than that, and you’re bound to turn people off. No one likes filling in contact forms that are too long and ask for too much information.

A clear-cut CTA

Your visitors need to know what they’re getting for the information you’re asking of them. If your CTA doesn’t clearly tell users what they’ll get for signing up, they won’t be likely to give you their details. Also, your CTA must be readily visible. Color it red or orange, and place it above the fold on your home page.

Make navigation easier.

Bad navigation is going to send your visitors on a wild goose chase within your website, which will guarantee that they won’t be spending any more time on your website and money on your products or services.

To make navigation easier, you might want to add search bars and drop-down and hamburger menus to your website. When users can get to any page of your site they want to check out with just one click, your chances of getting them to stay longer and giving you the ultimate conversion becomes so much better.

Use color psychology.

Color psychology says there is a link between colors and human behavior. Red, for instance, can make people feel a sense of urgency, which is why they’re commonly used in ads for clearance sales. Blue, meanwhile, fosters a sense of security and trust, which explains why many companies in the financial sector typically use the color for their logos, websites, and other marketing materials.

Many web designers have been using color psychology in their work for some time now, and it wouldn’t hurt for your website to give it a try.

More videos

A 1,500-word article about your product or service is good, but a two-minute explainer video covering the same topic is even better, and more engaging at that. If people have to choose between the two, they’ll likely go with the video mainly because it takes much less effort to digest.

Videos are extremely popular today and will become even more popular, as experts predict that by 2022, 82% of all web traffic will be videos.

Be mobile-friendly.

If you’re serious about driving sales to your business, then your site should be mobile-friendly. With mobile users outnumbering desktop users for several years now, more people will likely access your website through their smartphones and tablets. Hence, collaborating with a New York web design agency to develop a mobile-friendly website is an essential step to take before all other marketing efforts

Mobile users won’t have any qualms about leaving your site immediately if it doesn’t display well on their devices. If your website still isn’t mobile-friendly, you can say goodbye to lots of potential sales. Switch to a responsive design now if you don’t want to miss out.

While it’s true that several other factors can affect your sales, it wouldn’t hurt to have it covered on the web design front. And if you do gain potential customers after making some adjustments to your web design, then you’ll know you did things right.

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