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Top 8 Ideas You Can Put In Your Next Album Cover

If you are looking for attention-grabbing album cover ideas then you have landed at the right place. You know how important it is to have a brilliant album cover. Here are the top 8 ideas you can use in your next album cover. You can also share this information with your album cover artists for hire.

1. Think of a Name

The name means the title of the album you’re working on. If you already know the name then that’s great! Otherwise, think of a name that can perfectly convey your work’s concept or theme.

You can also go through some of the lyrics just to see if any of them can inspire you.

2. Color Attention

Colors play a very important role in grabbing attention. After an attractive name for your album or work, it is now time to perfectly use colors to make your album stand out of the rest.

You have the choice to get creative with colors when designing your CD cover. You also need to use contrast colors on the title to make it stand out. Make sure your brand name and titles do not get lost in all this creativity with the colors.

3. Insert a One-of-a-kind Logo

A well-modeled logo contributes greatly to its owner’s professional image. It’s the musician’s face and identity.

Many influential musicians and bands get their names known and widespread by their unique logos (e.g., the Metallica, Kiss, etc.). So, what can you learn from them? The first thing is to establish a logo design to maintain your name across different platforms.

The logo should be stand-out enough to also look awesome on the album cover. And you’ll need to use that one band logo graphic on other areas (e.g., social media fanpage, forum, website, etc.) to develop branding consistency and recognition. So, think carefully because you’ll have to stick with it for a long time.

4. Pop-Up Cover

Before you laugh, keep in mind that the pop-up cover style has been favored by many famous artists worldwide. And it’s not just exclusively for children’s books.

A flexible-minded album cover maker often creates their work using pop-up pictures to capture listeners’ attention as effectively as it expresses the genre and tone of the music.

5. Enjoy the Digital Era!

To catch up with this technologic world, consider making a digital version for the CD cover.

This digital version will probably only be taking up a modest corner in the music shop. But digital designs tend to be abstract, so to speak. Therefore, whatever method you prefer to design your album cover, it should appear coherent rather than a puddle of mess.

6. Exploit Your Imaginations

Abstract-style album cover design: This usually grabs spectators’ attention just with a glance. The typical look for this style’s CD cases is mind-bogglingly colorful and somewhat nonfigurative.

Fantasy-style album cover design: Also colorful and kind of artsy, covers employed this art style often let lookers refer to what usually described in fairy tales. Or monsters, it depends on the artist.

7. Keep Things Simple

Often, the “less is more” rule can be more effective than any other. But remember that simple designs don’t end in boring results. You can be creative with some patterns or a portrait in bold geometric style for a striking CD art. Mundane or too intricate details can be skipped because they may be lost in small layout anyway.

Another suggestion for this style is to employ transparency to your design. Use translucent material like a clear silk-screened sleeve to make a cover that can show the record inside.

And for the font selection, you should also choose simple yet nice-displayed fonts such as Sans Serif Styles or Casual Scripts.

8. Be Creative with Text

If apply wisely, a portrait or abstract image works spectacularly, so does the use of texts. It’d only become a disaster if you get carried away with the latter (e.g., write some song lyrics on the cover).

So, don’t commit such a mistake. Otherwise, you can freely get creative with texts to produce an amazing album cover. Combine some fancy fonts with interesting text effects (like fading) to make the line more stand out. Don’t forget to further enhance your text with the use of great visuals.

Just make sure that the album cover resolution is good enough so that the image won’t be blurry or pixelated. People may lose interest in works that have them squint their eyes to make out the details of the art.

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