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The Essentials of Cleaning Paint Fumes

If you own a house, you would know exactly the struggles associated with the house renovation. Any house renovation is incomplete without a coating of fresh paint. With time, painting one’s house has evolved as the fine art of identifying the best-suited wall color design and narrowing down the texture design which reflects your mood and personality.

While painting adds a new life to your old boring walls, it has its effects. To be more specific the freshly painted room odor and the splashes of the dried paint on your floor, carpet or your furniture can leave you with an undesirable headache. Worry not! We are here to share some tips and tricks to help you out.

Home Remedies to get rid of Paint Fumes

Paint fumes arise due to solvent evaporation from the paint while in use, this gives out a characteristic odor. Continues inhalation of these fumes can cause headaches, dizziness, and even nausea. Following are some ways in which you can get rid of this odor naturally.

  • Keep the painted room well ventilated; ensure to leave the windows and doors open to let enough sunlight and breeze enter the room.
  • Placing a bucket full of charcoal in the freshly painted room can do wonders with removing the odor. Charcoal has this amazing property of absorbing paint fumes and gives you an odor-free room in a few hours.
  • Scented candles and coffee beans have a strong fragrance, and placing these in a freshly painted room, reduce the odor to quite an extent.
  • Leaving a bucket full of water with lemon or watermelon slices overnight in a newly painted room will give you a fresh, scented room in the morning.

Remedies to remove Paint Stains

While painting your house can revive your home and spirits, it may also become a reason for heartbreak, wondering how? What can be more heartbreaking than witnessing color splashes on your favorite piece of expensive furniture? It is best advised to relocate your furniture during the painting job, or cover it and the floor with a canvas drop sheet to avoid accidents. Despite taking all the necessary precautions, color stains on the floor, carpet, and furniture are bound to happen. Let us look at some ways in which we can get rid of these easily.

  • Try to remove the paint stain while it is wet with a piece of clean rag. Once the paint dries up, it may become difficult (definitely not impossible) to remove.
  • To remove water-based paint stains from the floor, mix a teaspoon of a mild dishwasher in warm water and soak the area where there has been the color splash for a couple of minutes. Then take a clean cloth and gently scrub the area to completely remove the stain.
  • Scraping the stain using a razor blade can also be done to remove the dried-up paint, however, this can leave scratches especially on a wooden floor.
  • Rubbing alcohol is the best remedy to remove the oil-based paint stains from the floor, carpet, or even the upholstery. Soak the stained area with a paper towel which is already soaked in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes. This breaks the resin in the paint, then use a stiff brush to lift off the stain. Don’t leave the rubbing alcohol for long on the fabric, it may lead to discoloration.

If you are unsure about treating the stain, then it’s best to get in touch with experts to restore your upholstery in its new condition.

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