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11 Must-Have Tools in Your Home

Having some basic tools in your home can be very handy.
If you are a new homeowner, recently moved or a young adult stepping out to live alone for the first time, then this list would be really handy for you to be prepared for any emergencies. Although you may never have too many tools, here is what we think would suffice.

1. Spy Camera

Spy Camera is one of the most important tools that you must have at your home. You may need it from time to time for different purposes. You can record some important information you need. It is not always meant to spy on someone. Rather spy camera can be used for many other purposes to get important data.

2. A Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is an awesome power tool. One of the important power tools every homeowner should have is a cordless drill. If you want to fix a shelf on the wall or hang up a mirror, a frame, or even just a cloth hanger; a cordless drill will be your handy acquaintance. And yes, it being cordless is important if you don’t want to wander frustratingly looking for a plug socket near the place you want to drill a hole in.

3. A Stepping Stool

A stepping stool makes a safe and convenient ladder. After talking about screwdrivers and cordless drills, it is only applicable to mention a stepping stool to reach up to higher places. This is definitely one of the must-have tools in your home. There is only so much you can reach with your chairs or stools. A stepping stool makes a much safer and easier ladder that you can just fold up and store in your home.

4. Allen Wrench Set

A hex key or Allen wrench is easy and convenient to use. If you have ever assembled IKEA furniture or any build-it-yourself furniture for that matter, you would know what this is. And how convenient it is. Used to drive screws and bolts with hexagonal sockets, a hex key, which is also known as an Allen wrench is another one of the handy must have tools in your home. These small L-shaped household tools are convenient to store and use.

5. Various Sized Nails

You wouldn’t know when you need a nail! Not all things that go on the wall need a drill and screw. Some of them only require the good old nails hammered into a wall. It is also handy when you are doubtful and do not want to create a permanent hole in your wall. Be it to hang a light picture frame, hanging storage items made of cloth or plastic, or to hang-up decorative pieces; having variously sized nails would keep you equipped.

6. Hammer

You can’t forget the hammer! Let’s not forget that you need a hammer to fix a nail on the wall. A hammer is another one of the basic yet important tools to have in your home and we are not going to skip it. Make sure to get the ones that have a claw at the other end so that you don’t have to look for another tool to pull out any nails you need to.

7. Utility Knife

This is such a convenient item! This friend right here is one handy item to have. Definitely one of the must-have tools in your home, a utility knife is just a knife but much safer and with a lot more usage. If you want to cut a wire, cardboard or even thin wood pieces, a utility knife is a great option. The crafter’s favorite, if you ever happen to have to cut some thermocouple and are anxious about the mess it could make, a utility knife is just what will save you from a frustrating cleaning spree.

8. Adjustable Wrench

Wrenches are an extremely convenient plumber tool. Next in line for the must-have tools for homeowners is another basic one – a spanner, or more appropriate, a wrench. This is a key handy plumber’s tool that is definitely a necessity in every home. If you have a kitchen, a bathroom, or just pipes and taps in general, having a wrench will help you tighten a loose nut and stop leakages, and so on. And an adjustable one at that will save you from needing so many different sizes.

9. Tape Measure

A tape measure helps you measure a considerably long distance. When you need to measure your windows for curtains, the floor for carpets, or when you want to move around your furniture and renovate a little, you would know why you needed a tape measure. Curling up long meters into a small pack, a  tape measure is such a handy item that it has to land in our list of must-have tools in your home.

10. Pole Saw

Simply, a pole saw is a saw on the end of a pole. Either powered or not for Tree trimming. If powered it will probably take the form of a small powered saw (chainsaw) on a pole. The power source can be Gas (Petrol) engine, battery or mains electric. A non-powered pole saw has a pruning saw attached to the end of a pole, thus being a manual action pole saw.

11. Flashlights

Flashlights can be handy when having to look through air ducts. Last but not least, you might want to have flashlights in your list of power tools. Now, before you can question the need for one when almost everyone uses a smartphone with flashlights on them, let’s just say, a phone’s light would not reach up to a good old powerful flashlight. If you happen to need to check inside air ducts, pipings, or even had a power cut for some reason, an emergency flashlight could be very helpful.

There’s your list of essential tools for homeowners. Now you wouldn’t have to be Bob the Builder after all. You just have to have a tool-kit like his!

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