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Incredible Curtains Rail in Dubai

Stylish and comfortable curtain rods are an important element of any interior. Cornices have an intended function and are part of decor. Modern assortment is overflowing with various offers — check it out at AtlantisCurtains, one of the major suppliers of curtains in Dubai.

Curtain rail is a ceiling cornice that speaks for itself — it is fixed to the ceiling. Such options are chosen when there is no need to hang too heavy drapes or when the rod cannot be attached to the walls. As an advantage of the curtain rail, it helps to visually increase the height of the room.

5 Reasons to Order Curtain Rail at AtlantisCurtains

  • Our assortment is constantly updated with new high quality models at loyal prices, and we have a very convenient catalog for selection.
  • Consultants will help you determine exactly where you need to fix the structure, since ceiling cornices have their own characteristics that must be taken into account.
  • Professionals will select the cornice size, taking into account the size of the window and decor which you want to use.
  • We not only sell goods, but also do their installation.
  • Atlantis Curtains provide curtains measuring and sewing services, delivery and installation of curtains and curtain rods, rails and track systems in the UAE.

Let every detail of your interior be tastefully selected and meet all requirements!

Variety of Curtain Rails

Curtain rails are gaining more and more popularity. Due to their variety, you can choose an option for any room and interior style. Most rail models allow you to hang not one, but several rows of curtains, which makes such products more versatile.

Rails are made of plastic or metal, aluminum (for decorating bay windows), steel (for massive drapes) and others. They can be ordinary, dyed or decorative, with cords.

Rail fixtures include flexible curtain tracks made of metal or plastic that can be bent into an arbitrary shape. This is their main advantage over inelastic options.

It is possible to choose the external decoration of the product. There are models in white and without any decorations, and there are models with baguette designs.

Choose a curtain on rail if you want an almost invisible and neat solution that is mounted right next to the wall, without slits and gaps.

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