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How has the Covid-19 epidemic changed the trends in home design in 2021?

Home now is not just a place to rest after a long day. Since the Covid-19 epidemic broke out in early 2020, the house has also been transformed into offices, classrooms, gyms, movie rooms because there are so many activities under one roof. Whether it is a small studio apartment or a spacious garden house, every day, adapt by integrating many new functions.

After what humankind was through in 2020, more than ever, we understand and cherish the value of the house more and more. As the war between humans and the coronavirus is not over yet, it is still unclear whether humans will spend most of their time at home when an epidemic breaks out or go into a new normal state, but it is clear that the medical crisis is over. The global economy caused by Covid-19 has brought about community tensions, thereby affecting all aspects of social life. The 2021 home design trend is no exception.

The home workspace is more spacious.

Depending on the timing and the contagious nature of Covid-19, workers may be required to work from home. Meanwhile, the living room, the extra bedroom, or the basement can all be turned into a temporary home office. In the future, many homeowners will be more interested in spacious, specialized home offices instead of having temporary desks somewhere in the home, especially when some companies begin to allow employees to work remotely.

For those who live in smaller spaces, versatile interiors such as wall-mounted folding desks or 2-in-1 office furniture and the function also have decorative values to combine the working area. Access to other rooms was more seamless.

Lobby and entrance

When the social restraining order enforced, people also restricted out of shopping unless it was necessary. People are becoming increasingly aware of the germs they can take home. The lobby area, the entrance now plays a crucial role, becomes a place to remove masks, place objects in contact with germs’ surface to minimize bacteria and germs entering the house

Pay attention to private space.

When family members stay at home during the season, more time together increases the need for personal spaces where each can enjoy private moments. During daylight, the members scatter in many places throughout the day, and gather at mealtime has become a habit. Instead, families are trying to create semi-private in-house spaces to stay productive. In addition to the spacious City Garden For Rent, the 2021 home design trend also focuses on specialized areas. For example, the child’s bedroom is designed separately, with a separate reading corner or home splitting into specific spaces instead of the usual open layout.

The kitchen corner is more organized.

Experimenting with recipes has become a new hobby for many people during their off-season home days, so more emphasis is placed on the kitchen’s design and layout—increasing frequency of cooking forces each person to think about how food is stored. According to design experts, the storage area becomes tidier, and the pantry is more spacious. Along with that, the appearance of special equipment, such as toasters, cold coffee machines, will help amateur chefs create delicious food and drinks like nothing else.

The appliance is easy to clean.

In the future, kitchens, bathrooms, and other crowded areas may be designed with hard surfaces that are easy to clean, such as glazed tiles and materials that prevent the virus’s spread. Whether a pandemic occurs or not, natural antibacterial surfaces such as copper or brass should be used to keep the house and the members living on it safe and healthy. Applying non-touch technology in faucets and doorbells and enhancing home automation is also an effective way to prevent the spread of germs on frequently touched surfaces.

Improve home entertainment.

Weeks at the epidemic clinic reinforce the belief that home is the safest place. Therefore, even when the world establishes a new normal state and the restaurant reopens, home entertainment activities are still more popular than ever. The homes of relatives and friends have controlled environments and become a safe choice for parties, birthdays, and gatherings.

Form new shopping habits.

People also invest more in high-quality furniture and decorations when people think seriously about home design and Felizen Vista for rent .Gone are the days of “eating away at home,” running in a style that disregards quality when shopping for furniture; user tastes gradually shift to quality products with high applicability. Although online furniture shopping is trendy now, there are disruptions in the supply chain.

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