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5 Things to Consider While Choosing Right Ecommerce Platform

Since the past decade, the concept of eCommerce has been on a steady rise.

Sales that took place online jumped to a high of close to 15% in the past year across the board.

Predications state these figures are expected to only increase in the coming future.

Thus, for those that are beginning to start their businesses, delving into the generation of an eCommerce site is absolutely vital if one is to capitalize on the explosive sales growth.

The costs of hiring a new web developer or having a technology partner on board can make costs hefty and this is where the option of getting an already developed eCommerce website saves you from a financial burden as well as time.

The tough decision arises when multiple options are laid before one and deciding on the right one can be a task on its own.

The following are some factors that allow for better judgment on choosing the best eCommerce platform in India:

Pricing and Payment

For many of us, taking into consideration the price is an important factor. Big or small, Established or a foot in the door, knowing the price you need to pay is something that needs to be known by all.

More so, one should also highlight how the customers will be paying. Some platforms, for instance, do no offer the option of paying via third-party vendors (PayPal for example).


Integrations and plugins must also be looked at when looking into eCommerce platforms. Many platforms provide plenty of tools to run the business. The needs of your business, however, will serve as the determining factor when deciding on which plugin works best.

An important type of plugins that one should look out for are as follows:

  1. Accounting plugins to help with sales, taxes, revenues, and profits
  2. Email marketing tools to assist in staying in touch with customers
  3. Platforms that allow for rewarding customers for using your products
  4. Apps that assist in product shipment

SEO friendliness

It is extremely useful to have your store ranked high in search results, and so – Ecommerce businesses to need to work on their SEO.

Factors to consider when looking for an SEO friendly platform are as follows:

  1. The ability to add blogs to your website
  2. The ability to use your own desired domain name
  3. The ability for customers to leave reviews

Mobile Friendliness

Interestingly enough, an estimate of around 60% of searches is done from mobile devices. This showcases the necessity and importance of looking for platforms that allow customers to easily access the website as well as make purchases online via their mobile devices. Shopify is a great example.

Customer service

This is a fundamental aspect of any business that wishes to stay in the market and keep its customers coming. In light of Ecommerce, certain things are not exactly in control.

The odds, in this case, can be a server crashing at the worst possible time. This will for sure negatively impact revenue and the brands image.

The takeaway message is that as challenging as it may be, looking ahead of time is useful!

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