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5 Signs it’s Time to Update Your Web Design

In the digital age, it is nearly impossible for a business to survive without an online presence. People rely on the internet for all sorts of information including searching for various businesses, services, and products. A website gives you the chance to attract such users and convert them into clients.

But not all websites are successful in attracting clients. There are tons of active websites with an outdated design or horrible user experience, both of which drive traffic away. You want to make sure your website doesn’t fall under that category. To help you, we break down the signs you need to look for to determine whether you need to upgrade your website. 

Your website is not mobile-friendly

In the 1990s, websites were for desktops-only. However, over 60% of web traffic today is through a mobile device. The majority of your site visitors will access it from a smartphone or tablet. A responsive web design is a must. 

A non-responsive website impacts user experience. It displays a desktop site on smaller screens, making it difficult for users to navigate or get the information they need. The majority of them will leave the website within seconds of trying to navigate it. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool can help you assess whether your site is mobile-friendly or not. 

A responsive design automatically adapts to the screen of the device it is accessed on, ensuring optimal user experience.

You find it difficult to update your site

You can no longer survive in the market with outdated information, you need to constantly update your website for SEO and relevance. Gone are the days you need to wait around for web developers to update content. Websites can be linked-to easy to use content management systems (CMS), which let you update content on your own. 

CMS eliminates the need for you to rely on someone else to change content. You can make add, delete, or change content with just a few clicks. If your website isn’t linked to a CMS, there is no better time than now to have it linked. You have tons of options from WordPress, Wix, to Squarespace. All of which makes it easier for you to manage the site. 

Users complain about their experience on your site

A website is only effective if it engages visitors. If it fails, you won’t generate a lot of business from it. 

You need to ask the following questions to evaluate user experience:

  • Can you easily navigate and find information on the website?
  • Does the design appeal to visitors?
  • Do you have links displayed to major pages on the site?
  • Is your navigation tool too complex?
  • Is the text easy to read?
  • Are all the links functioning?
  • Does the site compliment your brand and are you proud of it?

The answer to these questions will tell you how user-friendly the site is and what needs to be updated. Keep in mind, your website not only promotes your business but also provides users with a flow of actions that direct them to easily inquire or purchase your solutions. 

The site takes too long to load

Users don’t like to wait around for a website to load. If it takes longer than 4 seconds for your site to load, the majority of the traffic will close out of it. 

Numerous factors impact load time: web hosting, images, videos, and even script. Google’s PageSpeed Insights can tell you the issues you need to resolve to improve your site speed. 

You don’t remember the last time you updated the site

Like technology, websites are constantly changing. There is a vast difference in design, functionality, and user experience between a website from the 1990s and today. Businesses and visitors can do a lot more on websites today than they could before. 

If you haven’t updated your website in the last 5 years, consider having it assessed and determining how you can update it. There’s a chance the code, pictures, content, and other elements could use an update to enhance the design and user experience. 

Final thought

An updated website is important for a business to effectively drive traffic and generate business. The digital world is competitive, if your website doesn’t load quickly or is hard to navigate, users will seek other options. 

If you are looking to update your website, contact the best website designer in Derby. Our team has experienced web designers that can make sure your website is SEO compliant and enhanced for user experience. We have helped many businesses in the UAE by revamping their website and can do the same for you. 

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