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6 Tips for an Outstanding E-Commerce Web Design

The internet allows users to do almost anything they want with ease – including shopping. 

Many businesses have capitalized on the opportunity by establishing e-commerce websites, making their products available online. Doesn’t matter if you sell t-shirts, cold-pressed juices, shoes, or anything in between, there is no better time than now to start selling online. 

However, before you venture off into the world of e-commerce, Web Design Wigan has some tips for you to help you with a killer web design. These tips will enhance user experience and website functionality, getting you the most out of it. 

Keep it simple

No matter the type of website, simplicity is key. You want visitors to be able to easily navigate and purchase products. Adding too many elements, colors, banners, and overcomplicating design will hinder sales. Why? Simple, they would either be too distracted to go through with the purchase or too confused prompting them to leave the website. 

The main function of e-commerce is to showcase and sell products. You don’t need a ton of beers and whistles. A clean and simple design gives you a chance to highlight your products and focus on generating sales. 

Make it user friendly

To make a website user-friendly, you need to understand how to make it specifically for your audience. Therefore, put yourself in their shoes to determine the overall functionalities and sales journey. Users want a website that they can easily navigate and shop hassle-free. You need to make sure you give them just that. 

Do some homework, check out the competition, or other e-commerce websites in general. See what you like and dislike about their design and sales process, jot it down. SEO Wigan can help you determine exactly what you need or don’t on your website. Just remember not to overdo it with functionalities and keep it simple. 

Use the right colors

When it comes to branding and attracting customers, colors play a vital role. If you aren’t familiar with the psychology of color, get acquainted with it because color can be the difference in your website being a success or not. 

You can’t just pick colors you like, different colors result in different emotions and actions. You need to be certain that the colors you choose promote the action you want from users. For example, red is linked to excitement and passion, using bright red for your purchase button makes it stand out and can result in more sales. 

Color is a more powerful tool than most think. Rather than picking them on a whim, be smart about the colors you choose. 

Content should be scannable

Don’t spend hours on long descriptions of products, chances are most visitors won’t even read them. Most only read about 20% of the text. They scan for specific keywords, which ensure that the product or service is what they need. Long descriptions make it more difficult for them to scan, which would compromise user experience.

To make content scannable you need to:

  • Break up your content, sentences and paragraphs should be short. 
  • Use bullet points, especially for product descriptions. 
  • Use bold to highlight key information.

Scannable content makes it easier for visitors to get the information they need, while you get the message you want across. Improving your chances at making the sale. 

Use professional, high-quality images

Images are essential to websites, especially e-commerce. A recent study showed that using high-quality, relevant images on a website can increase the conversion rate by 40%. This makes sense because users are not going to buy products if they can’t see them properly. You need to display products in such a way that users can see every aspect of them, high-quality image is the best way to do that. 

All your product images should be professionally shot. Building confidence is users by giving them the chance to see the exact product they will get. Have multiple images from different angles of the same product displayed, so you cover every element of it and leave nothing to the imagination of the user. 

Checkout should be a breeze

As your web design, the checkout process should be simple. If you make the process too long or painful in general, you will lose customers. The process needs to be straightforward and hassle-free. Do the following:

  • The checkout page should be clean, simple, and easy to navigate. 
  • Users should have an option to checkout by signing up or as a guest. 
  • Have a page explaining the checkout and return process, in case users have any questions beforehand or during the process. 
  • The form should include only relevant information needed for you to process and deliver the order.
  • Different shopping and delivery options should be displayed.
  • Users should be redirected to a confirmation page, once the process is complete. 

Final thought

Designing an e-commerce website is only as tricky as you make it. Keeping it simple and clean is more likely to get you more sales than stuffing it with graphics and content. Remember all visitors want is to get the information they need and breeze through the checkout process. It is imperative that your website enables them to do so. 

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