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WooCommerce Product Addons plugin for adding extra product options

Starting an online marketplace is among the most critical initiatives that a company should take to succeed. While selecting an open website for your company, you should weigh a variety of considerations involving accessibility, reliability, expandability, optimization, and much more. WooCommerce remains one of the most significant websites to make things easy to start an online shop. That’s because of an involved community of designers who are continually working on fixing glitches, designing templates, and developing extensions to enhance WordPress usability. One such top-notch plugin that can add real value to your Woocommerce store is the Woocommerce Product Addons plugin.

How does it work?

This plugin helps you add custom fields in the product detail page of a Woocommerce online store wherein users can fill out many extra details, which would in turn come to the website admin along with the order details, when a user makes a payment.

There could be many instances where these can be used. Large geographic areas on the company website may be needed in situations where you are providing individual items and have to add specific fields, even when you need particular consumer details. For starters, the specifics of the customization options to be done on the item they are buying before you start the shipment. You may attach categories to capture details such as paint schemes, times, consumer feedback, sculpture text for gift-wrapping or marketing services. There are more features included in the digital deluxe edition, such as price choices, conditional reasoning, upload zones, picture selection, color category, and more.

How to add WooCommerce Product Addons plugin?

There is no sociology, especially when it comes to applying addons to a WooCommerce website. Everything we have to do is locate that right WooCommerce version for the task, and the others can take care of themselves. So, this leads us all to the central topic: so what were the most robust WooCommerce feature modifications out there? Now we’re going to have a peek at each of the most importantly free and well-paid choices.

Why Use WooCommerce Product Addons?

This plugin has a free version too, apart from the premium version which comes with a larger set of features. Woocommerce Product Addons free plugin is a great little addition. It allows you to add yet another addon to your product lines. A buyer will be most involved in buying one or all of your products, similar to your product range. For e.g. you will offer bags, adapters, wires, and tablets. You will use this feature to provide your consumer with the ability to buy related products combined. It decreases the recurrence of buying behaviors and thus improves the probability of marketing-related goods. You may also incorporate either free or paid items as Addons.

Features of Product Addons for WooCommerce plugin:

Established after augmentation is quite easy and that you can make things as standard because you’ll have a scatter-panel in the Product Data box in which you can add many more Addons as you want to. This also fits nicely with your homepage from the front end and that you can still choose various genres and adjust its front end stuff. WooCommerce Product Addons endorses mandatory details, document areas, checkboxes, radios, select boxes, specially designed price inputs, and upload envelopes. Below are among the features, and simple design seeks to guide most frequently utilized.

Helps you to include a variety of field categories as options:

Color field: giving the customer to choose a color scheme from HTML5

Invisible input: this function helps administrators who would access the default information in the secret area mostly on the admin panel. The data area is concealed from tourists to the website.

Header tag: if you want any text to stick out over the manufacturer’s website, you should create an HTML title tag for text (h1, h2, and h3).

Login space: an entry space that enables purchasers to submit passwords.

Paragraph div: require the inclusion of directions or specifications for the items.

Date field: displays the dating site peeler in which the buyer will choose the date.

Email zone: a pasture that legitimizes or only requires an authentic message to be sent.

Text Fields: person’s point of view field for text collection.

Apart from the above, the plugin also has many premium features, and some of the major ones are

Custom Cost fields: This feature can help you to add pricing to all of the addon fields of each product

Custom formula for price: Admin can set a formula, based on which the pricing will be calculated. This could be quantity bought, total value, product category etc

Conditional logic pricing: This helps to calculate the pricing based on 18 different conditions, wherein it can display or hide certain fields based on the parameters chosen.

You could produce new Addons at external relations and delegate choices to categories of products. When you’re fresh so you should pick individual items instead of groups with Acowebs Addons, but you should circumvent the limitation of international category choices with specific products.

Export / Import to:

The Woocommerce product addons enable you to sell and import food choices. This function helps you have a standard tool collection that you choose to use with each WooCommerce deployment. Alternatively, you can build a software addon package and insert it into specific products.

Unique Product Areas:

You could also use the product addons to build custom product areas. E.g., if you wish to collect details from the consumer purchasing the service, you may include several input fields that the consumer will respond to before buying the product. It may be helpful if you have a commodity that has a very particular function. Custom input fields will also compel the user to address any concerns on the product description that may show whether the item is acceptable for use by the consumer.


Product addons is a must-have product for almost all Woocommerce stores. This helps you to increase your conversions and also can prompt the users to buy more products or for more value. All the information given in this field will come to the admin along with the order details, so it is really useful to manage as well.

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