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Top 5 Free WordPress Project Management Plugins to Make Life Easier

The foremost key to success is staying organized. Organizing things are normal but staying that way is the real challenge. Unlike any other project management, WordPress Project Management helps you to keep your WordPress business and project in the shrine of the organization.

WordPress Project Management helps you to manage your WordPress project adequately. In order to achieve that you need few elements that can help you to manage any project effectively. In this post, I am going to give you a list of top 5 WordPress Project Management Plugins. These plugins will definitely make your life easier.

Let’s first discuss these elements so that you can understand the kernel requirement of a project which resembles what kind of project management plugin you need.

Elements required for a WordPress Project Management.

In reality, a WordPress project management requires building organization to your business in every phase of it. Those features which you might be looking for your WordPress project are,

  • Organizing

You need a WordPress Project Management which will help you to keep track of what needs to be done. With this element, you’ll be able to grab everything even from the crack.

  • Meeting Deadlines

Due dates are very frustrating. We all have faced those cases where we get to handle multiple projects at a time and then we forget about the deadline of the projects. You need a WordPress Project Management which can organize your projects prior to their due dates. This will help you to keep track of the deadlines as well.

  • Collaboration

Interaction and working together is very crucial when it comes to delivering and closing a project successfully to the client. The WordPress project management system will help you to collaborate conclusively whether you want to just restrict it to your team member or you want to include the client. Identify your need and then go for the tool.

  • Reporting

WordPress Project Management also allows you and your team member to report the status information to you and your client. There are WordPress plugins that can certainly help you with this.

  • Deciding

So, as see these features, which one you need most for your project. You need to be specific and conclusive before you make any decision. A right WordPress Project Management plugin is all you need, however, if you go for a wrong one, you might lose a lot on the way back. So, think thoroughly and then decide what you want.

Now, I am going to provide you a list of five WordPress Project Management Plugin that will help you to handle your project. All you need is keep the above points in your mind and make your decision sensibly according to your project needs.


5 WordPress Project Management Plugins That Won’t Cost You Any Buck!


1.     WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager plugin


This is the first tool in the list of free WordPress plugins for Project Management. This plugin enables you to manage your projects right under the WordPress dashboard. It has the integration with Kanban Board, Time Tracker, Subtask, Invoice, BuddyPress, and WooCommerce. Let’s see some of its many features,

  • You can create a new project with setting the title for the project and assigning the users for that project.
  • You can add an attachment to the messages also. In addition to that this feature is great for collaboration factor of the project management.
  • You can add a to-do list, add tasks, assign a due date as well.
  • This plugin also allows you to create milestones to your project.
  • It is easy to watch all the files on the comments and messages in one place instead of cluttered messages.


2.     UpStream

UpStream WordPress plugin


This is one of the most loved WordPress Project Management Plugin. It is free of any cost which makes it very handy for all WordPress users. You can easily manage any kind of project with this WordPress plugin. Let’s see some of its many features that will give a clear idea about what this WordPress plugin is capable of,

  • The tasks and milestones can be linked with each other for better efficiency.
  • Easy Upload of Documents and files.
  • Includes an interactive Project Discussion thread.
  • It also facilitates you with the issues/bug tracker to check the flaws.
  • It also enables you to customize the capabilities and permissions. This feature will help you to assign tasks of the project effectively.
  • Awesome Front end view which makes most of the thing easy to do.


3.     Kanban Boards

Kanban Boards WordPress Plugin


Kanban Boards is titled as the agilest project management plugin. Yet it is mostly preferred by the organizations in customer service and sale tracking. Apart from that it is also frequently used when an organization is hiring. Let’s see some of its features to give you a better idea about what this WordPress Plugin’ capabilities,

  • Custom Swim Lanes are this plugin’s Ultra Strong Point.
  • It is incredibly easy to add a quick update of the project directly through the dashboard.
  • Easy to search for the tasks with the customized filters. You can bookmark them for easy access afterward.
  • For more security, all the project data is saved in a different location from the other WordPress files.
  • It also works on mobile so if you seldom on move you might love this plugin.


4.     SmartyPants Project and Document Manager

SmartyPants Project and Document Manager


SP Project and Document Manager is a free WordPress plugin. You can utilize this plugin to manage your personal or official documents, records and all type of files. This plugin’s usage is very wide and you can utilize it in almost every field. Its usage varies from managing client to managing student’s documents. Let’s check out some of the features of the SP Project and Document Manager.

  • It is incredibly easy to organize and manage client’s documents and accounts.
  • It also allows your client to edit and modify projects.
  • This plugin also gives you access to an entire forum community for free.
  • You can assign user logins to enable more security.
  • It enables you to do unlimited nesting of the folders.


5.     WP Customer Area

WP Customer Area Plugin


Although it is used mostly in the domain of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), yet it proves to be an efficient WordPress Project Management plugin. Let’s see some of its features,

  • It enables you to create private pages for specific user access.
  • It also has a secure customer area which can be used as secure client area.
  • You can also share private files to the clients or the other participants of the project.
  • It also provides you features such as ownership, invoicing, conversations etc.
  • You can also customize the appearance using themes and extensions.

These are the plugins that will make project management easy for you. These are free however most of them have premium version also. If you seek for more functionality you can pay few bucks and get those. In order to adequately manage WordPress project, these free WordPress plugins are more than enough. I hope these plugins will suit your need and proves to be profitable for you.

Did I miss something? Mention it in the comment and let me know about that. Till then have a good one.

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