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Why it is Important to Upgrade Your Website during COVID 19 Pandemic

The COVID19 swiftly become an economic crisis which is totally unpredictable. Many business are going to shut down physically or moving towards online version because of various countries are going for lock down. In this situation business are quickly shifted towards E-Commence. The E-Commence is seems as only survival tool for the business in coming time.  In this COVID19 pandemic, E-Commerce websites are earning increases day by day due to completely or partially restriction on physical movement of customers. So, this phenomena clearly indicates that in the coming months more and more brands will be depended on digital platforms. Even traditional vendors, who had no online presence will have to move to E-commerce. As seen in Dubai virtual store fronts open even during the lock down. Brands will also shift their marketing efforts and communication online.

The main component of the E-Commerce business is a website which should be upgraded specially during the lockdown session.

Upgrading your website during COVID19 Lockdown

A famous quote by Francis Bacon is “A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds”. Therefore, right now is best time to get upgraded during the lock down and cashing time and opportunity which increase your traffic and upgrade you website to generate revenue. A upgraded website can considered as your exceed your online presence.

Why Up gradation of Website is necessary   

Your website is important asset for you and you would like that your client consider it import to. So your website must be seems interesting and unique to you client as and when they visit it they must spend some time on it. If you website remains same and not upgraded from a long period of time. Your client will lost their interest and they starting finding some new one consequently your website goes down. Therefore keeping your website is most important thing for you as well as for your website.

The website upgrading contains following main factors:-

Upgrading Content

Keeping upgraded and fresh content on your website help you to retain and expand your business in number of ways. Possession fresh content on your website giving you edge that your website traffic and clients are able to get updated and fresh information regarding your subject. So your tariff consider your website as a source of fresh and updated content which increase value of your website.  Updated website can easily get high domain authority for example Wikipedia which is updated by many authors / editors always remains on top ranking due to updated content. You can updated latest version of website tool like world press new released which are capable to appear on all website browsers and reduced loading time. Content marketing play vital role to stay up to the mark in the market. Especially in social media fresh content is a key factor to grab the traffic. 

Upgrade your website keywords

Website traffic is normally keywords which are using in recently search in search engines. Therefore updating keywords is very important it amicable your website for better ranking and get a good traffic. If your website keywords become obsolete its can affect your business badly. The updated keyword are core for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and website ranked on their basis of these keywords. Updating and right keyword helps search engine to assign you good ranking to your website. In case of missing updated and accurate key words leads to missing a huge portion of organic traffic for your website.

Upgrading Website Design

It’s a common issue in these days many website have good content but they are failed to develop a good website design. Normally, website design and color combination are changed with the passage of time. So keep your website customized and change it design and color with passage of time. In these days almost 65% came from mobile devices, iPad and tablet so keep your website design upgraded to display on these devices. A responsive website design for all devices is allow website to grab traffic from all sources.

Upgrading Website Security

Upgrading website security should be your top priority and always backend configuration updated and also clear from security breaches. Many known website down for some time the rechecked and upgrading their backend configuration to avoid any time security collapses.

Updating Website Images

Normally website in consisted of graphics and text and it’s called infographics. It’s called infographics and it’s very compulsory to change and update infographics of your website with passage of time. Always make approaches to change and replace images. It’s make positive presumption in the mind of your clients. Our professional team from Long Beach web Design Company and upgrading you website in such way that all data which is replaceable will remains customized.


COVID19 in not only a disease it’s a pandemic which yet have no cure. COVID19 changing habit and life style of the society in all dimensions. Thus to catch up new behavior and trend it is very mandatory to updated your website during COVID19 lock down and its accurate time to do that as we stated. The website upgrading is not only a task which can be done by any one it’s a complete science with a dynamic art. Therefore, it is better to assign this up gradation task to a professional team Long Beach Web Design and upgrading it for you.

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