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Three Ways to Build a Business Website on a Budget with Template Monster

To build a business website on a budget with, a user has to follow three steps: choose a platform, get a host and choose a design. It is a very easy and short process, and a business entrepreneur doesn’t have to do much.

Choose a Platform

The first thing a business needs to do, is choose a platform. For example, an entrepreneur needs to decide, if he is only going to use his website as a platform for spreading information, or for selling things. If the business owner wants a platform where he can share his thoughts, picture and videos, then such an application is called a content management system.

The best content management systems are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. These are free platforms, and is very easy for beginners to operate especially WordPress. Then comes e-commerce platform such as Shopify, which offer businesses multiple features like payments and shipments. If an entrepreneur feels conflicted over a store and a blog, then he can add a store section to his website’s blog, with just a few extensions. If you are about to create a ecommerce website, you can select a shopify simple theme.

Domain Name & Host

Every business uploads different media in a website, which is why they need a good hosting provider. The security of the website, its speed, and functionality, all depend on the hosting network that the business. Some of the best hosting networks are BlueHost and HostGator. When buying a hosting plan, an entrepreneur can purchase a domain name as well. The price of the domain name depends on the domain.

When looking for a domain name, an entrepreneur should always consider the keywords that are important for his business. If he finds those keywords in an available domain name, then he is lucky.


The design of a website is very important. If the design is cluttered or not appealing at all, then a customer is less likely to keep on using it.When it comes to designing, templatemonster.comhas free and standard templates, which users can choose one. A default theme would not look good on a website, and it always needs a professional touch.

Templates have different costs, and they cover a range of businesses. It is highly unlikely that a customer will not find a template, which will suit his business.

Even though there are free templates available to users, there are templates which cost a little and offer more to the customer. The free templates might not be up to date, or have the arrows that a user needs. Further, free templates might not provide the technical support, which most beginners need. This is why, looking for low budget templates can be a good way for entrepreneurs to get started.

A premium template might sound expensive, but if someone has a low budget, they can find the ones that cost $50 to $70. Entrepreneurs should always choose templates, which offer the most technical support. While some businesses would go for hiring a website designer, this can be really expensive for them. This is why, choosing a template from Template Monster would be a good idea.

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