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How do Panasonic Massage Chairs Compare to Other Brands?

If you are doing research to see what is the best massage chair to purchase, you will want to do your homework. There are many brands out there in the market, both online and in stores. The best thing to do is to consult your physician if possible to see what brand and what type of massage chair that you will need. If you have chronic back, neck or leg pain, the type of massage chair that you use will be invaluable. As it turns out, a Panasonic massage chair brand has some of the best chairs around. They offer many features that would be beneficial with your massaging needs both now and in the future.

The Panasonic Massage Chars VS Other Massage Chair Brands

The name Panasonic has been leading the way with innovative technology since the beginning of time. When you hear the name, you already know that you are looking at a product of excellence. Panasonic massage chairs are no exception. Panasonic offers a variety of massage chairs that range in cost between six thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars. Panasonic massage chairs include MAJ7 Real Pro, EP-MA70CX Real Ultra Pro Heated Massage Chair, the Real Pro Luxury Heated massage chair, the EO-MA 73 and the MAJ7. Because these chairs carry the Panasonic name, you know that they are well above the standard of other name brand massage chairs.

Features on the Panasonic Massage Chairs vs Other Name Brands

Features for the Panasonic massage chairs include 3D, air, massage, arm massage, auto programming, body scanning, deep tissue massage, foot, and calf massage. Easily a top of the line massage chair. Panasonic brands are capable of doing things the average name brand massage chair doesn’t do. The Panasonic massage chairs come with either a 4 or 5 point star rating and a 3-year warranty. The Panasonic massage chairs come in various colors of ivory and black. You can read full review at the live long blog.

As you do your research and see which Panasonic massage chair best fits your lifestyle, remember that the Panasonic technology will always be heads and tails above the other name brands out there. When you purchase a Panasonic massage chair, you can rest assured of the chair being durable and having outstanding features and accessories that are accommodating to your everyday lifestyle. These chairs offer deep tissue, foot and calf massages that many other name brands do not offer. The Panasonic name brand, durability, customer satisfaction of at least 4-star ratings, features that are second to none when compared to other name brands, heated and the ability to customize your message, for the area that is most needed. With all of this to offer, along with an effective investment and cost, the Panasonic massage chairs offer a massage experience that only comes when you use the Panasonic name. It will be just like getting the personal touch that you do when visiting a massage therapist, only this time you will be in the convenience and luxury of your own home.

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