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Tips to Keep your PG in Pune Clean and Hygienic During This Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has made even the skeptics realize the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in life. These days, a hygienic lifestyle can be the difference between life and death. It is quite difficult to look at the pandemic in a good light but it has changed the global perspective on personal and social hygiene. India, too, has been dealing with the pandemic through a multi-pronged approach and regular cleanliness and sanitation drives are a key part of this approach.

Maharashtra is one of the most severely hit states of the country and high-density population centers of the state like Mumbai and Pune require extra precautions and care from the residents. If you are living in a pg in Hinjewadi, Balewadi, Aundh, Baner, or any other popular locality of Pune, here are some ways to keep your PG clean and safe.

Regular Sanitization

In accordance with government guidelines, you should get the PG authorities to sanitize the premises at regular intervals. Sanitizing the entry and exit points and all public interactive zones, interfaces, and access zones for all amenities used by the residents is very important. You can also ask the authorities to make thermal scanning measures compulsory for entering the premises. Your living space provider can claim to be the best PG or Hostel in Pune but preparedness and vigilance during tough times like these are what cement such claims.

Food Hygiene

Your PG authorities should devise a food preparation and delivery system that minimizes contact and risk. Everything from the preparation to the delivery should be scrutinized and hygiene should be prioritized during every step of the process. The question of food hygiene and safety is a very important one and professionally managed accommodations like Stanza Living (visit website) are already using effective measures to ensure that all food is prepared in FSSAI-certified kitchens and delivered in sealed and sanitized food trays.

Disinfecting and Deep Cleaning

Apart from regular sanitization drives, disinfecting surfaces like floors and door handles, bathrooms, toilet, taps, and every high-contact surface is very important during these times. While everyone should sanitize their hands at regular intervals, disinfecting and deep cleaning of the PG is equally important. Forgotten nooks and corners like water tanks, terraces, balconies, and common living areas should not be ignored. It would also be wise to hire a professional cleaning crew. If PGs or Hostels in Pune doesn’t already have measures placed for this, you should strongly suggest doing so.


Most established and well-managed PGs offer laundry services to their residents. While this does not sound like a major issue, using disinfecting soap during these times is very important. The washed clothes should be dried and aired properly to eliminate any chances of viruses or bacteria. Clothes, especially when washed together, can carry harmful contagious diseases. If your PG is not very concerned about this, you should take the initiative and inform them about all the safety and hygiene practices you can employ to make the PG safer and cleaner.

As mentioned earlier, the pandemic has made the world realize the significance of hygiene and cleanliness. Your PG management should strive towards making the premises contagion free and immaculately clean. In light of the pandemic, most professionally managed PGs have introduced preventive and proactive measures in the fight against coronavirus. Measures like covid specific medical care, quarantine zones, social distancing measures, and contactless food delivery have become commonplace since the advent of the virus. Some have included thermal screening and UV sanitization chambers for a thorough cleaning as well.

Professionally managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living have already adopted such measures that have become benchmarks for other rental living options like PGs, hostels, and even apartment complexes, to follow. Having said that, the final layer of protection can only come from your own efforts towards maintaining personal hygiene and you should definitely encourage your roommates and flatmates to prioritize this as well.

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