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A Dozen Donna and Tom Approved Ways to #TreatYoSelf

Life is busy. We move from task to task, accomplishing things on our to-do list all day, which leaves us with little time to care for ourselves. Take a moment to pause, think Parks and Rec style—like Tom and Donna—and “treat yo self” to a bit of pampering. Practicing self-care can reduce stress, encourage relaxation, and release emotional weight. If you’re wondering where to start, take some hints from the list below, then schedule some time to self-indulge. 

12 Ways to Treat Yourself 

  • Catch up on your zzz’s. Sleep is one of the simplest forms of self-care, though it’s something we tend to forego when our to-do list grows long. Get enough shuteye, which includes taking a nap and sleeping late every once in a while. Getting adequate rest—from seven to nine hours per night—helps build immunity and clarify thoughts, which are added benefits. 
  • Make an all-natural face mask. Treating your face with a homemade face mask refreshes the skin, and it also requires at least 5-15 minutes to sit still and relax. Choose the perfect natural ingredients for your skin type to assemble a treatment using one of these recipes. Green tea, lavender, and honey are three ingredients known to have soothing properties, which intensify your relaxation. Some best Eye puffing Masks will Reduce Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, and Wrinkles as well.
  • Drink Sparkling Water. If you really care about yourself then start drinking sparkling water. It has many proven health benefits. Brands like Seltzer have introduced sparkling water in many flavors. You can read Seltzer reviews to find out more about sparkling water.
  • Schedule a spa treatment. Professional pampering treatments can have both mental and physical benefits. There’s nothing quite like getting a deep tissue massage to release toxins, or freshening feet with a pedicure. Being pampered by someone else eases the mind while giving the body extra TLC. 
  • Buy flowers. Treat yourself to fresh flower delivery. Receiving flowers from someone else is fabulous, but if it’s been a while or you crave fresh blooms, then for heaven’s sake #TreatYoSelf! Studies show that arrangements can boost mood, clean the air, and improve memory. With so many mental and emotional benefits, it’s always a great idea to indulge in fresh flowers for yourself.

    buy flowers
  • Say “yes” to dessert. Dessert seems like a luxury, especially if we are already full, but a sweet treat can have more benefits than taste, like releasing serotonin.


    Next time, order a light lunch and go heavy on the dessert so that you can be guilt-free. Or go all out and have ice cream or apple pie for a meal. 
  • Splurge on something for yourself. Shopping is called retail therapy for a reason. Reward yourself with a small, tangible gift to celebrate your hard work and accomplishments. Even a small purchase, such as a luxurious pair of socks, can feel extravagant without breaking the bank.
  • Volunteer. Pampering can often take the form of doing things for others, and volunteering provides a sense of purpose and fulfillment, which translate to a more positive emotional state. If you’re looking for ways to volunteer in your community, consider taking a meal to an elderly neighbor, cleaning up a local park, or walking dogs at the local shelter. These simple, but powerfully positive interactions, combine service with self-care.
  • Do nothing. We are always performing tasks or checking our phones, but planning a day of doing nothing can be just what you need to reset and refresh. Sleep, watch a movie, or—yes—mindlessly scroll through social media. It’s all ok!
  • Plan a staycation. Taking a vacation is an obvious form of self-care, but what if you consider a staycation? Exploring somewhere nearby can foster a new appreciation for your hometown. Stay at a local hotel, plan meals at a neighborhood restaurant, and finally check out your city’s museum. Having a new experience in a familiar place can bring the benefits of a vacation to an everyday setting.
  • Take a bubble bath. Indulging in a relaxing bubble bath can be a great form of self-care. Use an intimate bathtime to meditate,  or pop in some earbuds and stimulate your mind with relaxing music or inspirational podcasts. Fill your tub with fluffy bubbles as you let the warm water take your troubles away. Not only are baths soothing, but they can also help alleviate skin conditions. You can apply some body scrub exfoliators that sweep away dry, rough bumps to reveal healthier-looking skin that feels exceptionally smooth.
  • Create ambiance. You can make self-care a part of your everyday tasks. Sometimes you may  need to relax while in the middle of accomplishing tasks like laundry, budgeting or working from home. Take a moment to light a scented candle and put on some mood music to lift your spirits as you work.

Self-care is essential to overall health and wellbeing, so get inspired to #TreatYoSelf. Whether you choose a whole day of pampering—as Tom and Donna did—or a beautiful bouquet on your doorstep, practicing self-care can help manage stress with lasting benefits. 

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