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4 Tips to Increase Traffic on Your Website

So you have a website and it’s not doing as much as you hoped. You’re receiving traffic, but conversions are low. Or worse, you’re not receiving much traffic at all. Either way, something needs to be fixed otherwise the problem will persist.

1) Optimizing Your Website for Conversions

Before you eagerly start prospecting and attracting traffic to your website you should first make sure that your website is in order. Does your website design detract from your brand image or enhance it? Does it make your business look cheap or more established? A website design that looks good makes a significant difference in increasing conversions, while also making your business look like a more established brand, which increases trust and ultimately your bottom line. Is your web design mobile friendly? Because up to 50% of your traffic will likely come from mobile devices – you have to make sure that your website functions well and looks good on all devices. At The Shirtless Web Guy, we can help you develop a website that you’re proud to show off. We’re a web designToronto agency that helps clients attract and convert prospects into clients faster.

2) Search Engine Optimization

Now that you have your web design sorted out, it’s time to consider increasing the visibility of your website in search engines. Where do prospects often go when they’re looking for a prospect or product? Google. They search in Google and 75% of those people click on a website within the top 3 results. The beauty of SEO is that once you’re at the top of your rankings you’ll be attracting organic traffic for free that would have otherwise cost you thousands of dollars in advertising. More and more businesses are now turning to SEO and realizing the importance to their digital presence.

3) Social Marketing

If you’re unwilling to try ads or SEO right now, then the next best option is social marketing. Social marketing consists of regularly publishing content on social media platforms within your niche and steadily growing and nurturing your audience until they view you as an authority within your field. This approach requires minimum tech skills and is completely free. With each piece of content you publish you must lead viewers to an offer, or at the very least to your website with captivating call-to-actions. The challenge with social marketing is to remain consistent. Publishing content regularly for a few weeks and then disappearing for a few months will not work in your favor.

4) Ads for Your Website

As you can see, all of our suggestions rely on inbound marketing techniques. We want prospects to find you, instead of you having to chase each one of them down. Ads are becoming increasingly popular because businesses now cannot rely on real-world advertising as much as they could before this pandemic. And guess what they’re realizing? That with ads they’re able to attract a ton more traffic then they’re used to compared to print advertising, billboards or storefronts. All eyes are online; most of us browse social media and use Google. Especially today, where more and more people are working from home. This is your chance to get your product or service in front of as many eyes as possible. And don’t worry if you’re only searching for local leads, Google and Facebook allow for precise geo-targeting that allows you to only get your message out to people near you.

Building an inbound marketing funnel is what most people aim to achieve for their business. Imagine being able to focus on your product or service, while customers come to you with minimal effort. To sum up the list: Make sure your web design is in order. Explore the possibility of running a SEO campaign for long-term results. If you’re not tech savvy and/or on a budget, then look to social media to get the word out. And finally, consider running digital ads – at the very least try it.

At The Shirtless Web Guy we manage ads for our clients, making sure they get the best bang for their buck without spending all their time managing the ads. We also specialize in local SEO which will get you website ranking to the first page of Google in and around your city. And finally, web design is our bread and butter. If you’re looking to stand out online and attract prospects to you (instead of having to chase them down!), get in touch and schedule your free consultation.

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