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11 Unique Wedding Registry Ideas

If you are looking for truly unique wedding registry ideas then this article is for you. Most people stuff their registries with housewares but they don’t know that there’s a whole world of registries beyond housewares. It is the only time to let people know what kind of gifts you would like to have at your wedding.

Here are some out of the box wedding gift registry ideas for you.

1. Get Cooking Classes

If you want to learn everything from sculpting homemade gnocchi to baking the perfect chocolate soufflé then consider adding cooking classes to your gifts registry. You will be able to host dinner parties in no time with your newfound cooking skills.

2. Stock Your New Kitchen

Once you have learned cooking now it is good time to put your cooking skills to good use with high-quality ingredients. There are many providers of the ingredients out there. All you need is to register for a monthly membership and have local ingredients delivered to your door.

3. Embark on Unique Adventures and Experiences

You should buy experiences rather than buying goods.You can take photography lessons together in Brooklyn or a DJ course in Seattle. There are companies that curate cool activities in cities from coast to coast. You can also attend wine-blending sessions in Napa and classes on the ultimate party tricks.

4. De-stress With Couples Massages

When it comes to wedding, the first year is considered the hardest. Get rid of any tension by choosing a couple’s massage at a quality spa.

5. Cure Your Wanderlust

If you are a travel freak then you might know that you could register for flights and hotels online. You can also request sailing trips and scuba lessons with travel companies. Consider adding destination-specific activities like zip-lining, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

6. Book Your Sundays With a Museum Membership

You should consider museum memberships as they will make for a year’s worth of dates. There are special events year-round and you can get access to these events by registering with a museum.

7. Ride the Waves Together

Surging is an outstanding experience you should consider learning to surf at a reputable surf school near you.

8. Explore the Great Outdoors

If you love the outdoors then you will also love the idea of registering with outdoor tour companies that provide everything from camping to backpacking.

9. Help Fund a Down Payment on a Home or a Remodel

If you already have all the above experiences then you can do another valuable thing for your future. You can personalize your registry page to let gift-givers know exactly how you’ll be using the funds.

10. Learn a New Language Together

If you are planning to tour another country in the future then you can consider learning the language spoken in that country. It will be a valuable skill addition to both of you.

11. Donate to Charity

If you are living a good life then you should consider taking care of those deprived of basic necessities of daily life. You can give charity to any organization of your choice or you can create a charitable wedding registry online with ease.

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