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10 Tips for Buying Running Shoes

Running Shoes Buying Guidelines

1. When buying running shoes, don’t rush and take your time. In a hurry, you may make a bad choice. You need to spare a good amount of time for shoe shopping because a bad choice or wrong shoe may cause stress fractures.

2. Don’t buy shoes from any random shop as not all of them are expert in running shoes. Always find a specialty running shop because the staff members are expert in fitting and recommending running shoes. It will be a great plus if they are runners too.

3. Your feet are a bit larger in the later time of the day. So try to buy shoes later in the day to make sure you get the best fit.

4. You can also take your old shoes with you so that the staff over there can look at your wear patterns.

5. In order to check out shoes properly, you need to wear appropriate clothing. There are many shops which have treadmills to practically try shoes.

6. To make sure you buy the right size you need to take your running socks with you. Also, take orthotics too if you wear them.

7. If the shoes you are buying, are not comfortable in the store then they are not good for running for sure.

8. Don’t fall prey to brands and fancy appearances. Try different styles and keep comfort in the mind.

9. As they say, “one shoe doesn’t fit all”. So don’t try to copy your friends as they may run completely different from you.

10. Do not try to save money and compromise quality. A good quality pair will last for 300-500 miles. So try to spend more and get better quality.

How should shoes fit?

The shoe feels very comfortable when you put it on. There should be plenty of room in the toe box and you should be able to easily move the toe around. Similarly, check the room around other fingers too. Your shoe should not rub your toes and fingers.

Similarly, the width of the shoe should be enough to provide comfort to the foot. Wear the shoes and walk around to make sure you buy a comfortable pair of running shoes.

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