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Finding an unmistakable comparison of 3D modeling software is sometimes hard. Comparing CATIA to SolidWorks is tricky. CATIA and SolidWorks are both CAD software packages from the same company. They do many of the same things, but with some key differences like 3D modeling options and file compatibility. In general, SolidWorks is preferred for industrial design and mechanical engineering; CATIA is used for product development as well as architecture, civil engineering, aeronautics, and marine industries.

Sometimes people will say “SolidWorks is much more expensive”, but in reality, they’re talking about a product that costs $3000 whereas its predecessor only cost $1000 (which was not an option until recently). Using CATIA v5 vs SolidWorks is more accurate, but there’s so much more involved in this decision than simply the price tag. Both SolidWorks and CATIA are solid CAD programs for home and industrial use. They have a lot in common, with many overlapping features. One thing that sets these two software packages apart is both their histories as well as the ones of their parent companies.

History of CATIA:

CATIA began as an in-house software for the airplane manufacturer AVIONS MARCEL DASSAULT. It was utilized by Dassault to foster its Mirage contender fly. Dassault is a French organization, and CATIA was initially named CATI (Conception Assisteé Tridimensionnelle Interactive), French for “interactive aided three-dimensional design.”

Notwithstanding, now that it is all the more internationally perceived, the letters have changed a little, and presently CATIA represents a Computer-Aided Three-layered Interactive Application. I feel like that’s somewhat devised keeping in mind its unique French name, however, who tends to think about a big motivator for it these days in light of the fact that CATIA has a sensibly critical presence in the worldwide CAD commercial center.

What is CATIA?

Catia was first delivered in 1977 and is presently possessed by Dassault Systems. It is a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, and that implies that it oversees information during product improvement. This further develops efficiency and work process, as typically many individuals work on a similar venture. Catia permits following every one of the progressions made to the item during the turn of events.

Catia is an extremely strong 3D modeling software, it is overwhelming in automotive, aviation, and aeronautics. With Catia, you can design airplanes, vehicles, and other complex items. This product is gone for the gold architects, particularly for enormous endeavors.


Catia has an extraordinary arrangement of instruments, which might in fact be planned only for your organization’s plan needs. Plants like Boeing use Catia to fabricate their items.

Where To Learn CATIA Course?

You can take the CATIA course in Chennai at Cadd Centre Vadapalani, the Best CAD training centre in Chennai. There are also many other institutes like the BIM training institute which offer CATIA courses with placements and certifications.

History of SolidWorks:

The Founder of SolidWorks Corporation is Jon Hirschtick. He played in the MIT Blackjack Team and won $1 million. The person has probably been a virtuoso on the grounds that the vast majority would have spent it on something idiotic. Not Jon! He utilized the cash to foster SolidWorks Corporation and SolidWorks.

It was so imaginative and notable as a result of Jon’s initiative, that Dassault Systems acknowledged they had a serious competitor. On the off chance that you can’t beat them, purchase them! Dassault Systems bought SolidWorks Corporation for $310 million in stocks, and Jon remained energetic about his new proprietor for a long time. What an officer! At the point when I grow up, I need to be very much like Jon.

What is SolidWorks?

SolidWorks is additionally claimed by Dassault Systems, sent off in 1995. It is a parametric 3D modeling software, implying that it works on aspect esteem. At the point when the aspects are altered, the 3D model changes its shape. SolidWorks has incredible assets, including Simulation, the capacity to draw utilizing either parts or congregations, Rendering instruments, and others.


SolidWorks is utilized by specialists and experts and is likewise educated at mechanical and designing schools. It has a genuinely cordial UI and bunches of various highlights which we will examine further later in the blog entry. SolidWorks is exceptionally well known in modern and item plan, apparatus, schooling, and clinical enterprises.


Catia versus SolidWorks: which one to pick? We should begin with the reasons for those projects. Putting it basically: you would configure parts of the vehicle in SolidWorks, and with Catia the actual vehicle and the plant the vehicle is made in. As may be obvious, both this CAD software simply have various points.

SolidWorks will allow you to plan the entire vehicle as well, however, it wouldn’t be as productive since it’s parametric software. Catia would comprehend how every component of the vehicle functions.


However, that was a major model. Assuming you are designing gears, snaps, jigs, and apparatuses, SolidWorks will perform well indeed. Both Catia and SolidWorks come to the most elevated accuracy and are great for the purpose of designing. With regards to highlights, SolidWorks has a more extensive scope of delivering choices for photograph reasonable representations, liquid reproductions, and electrical plan arrangements. Any distinctions between Catia and SolidWorks show up because of the way that CAD software satisfies the necessities of various clients.

With regards to picking one of the software, you likewise must know about the educational experience. Catia is an extraordinary venture for huge makers however has a lofty expectation to learn and adapt and it merits the speculation in the event that you’re certain to involve in it for quite a long time. Catia will likewise furnish you with redid programs devoted to various ventures. SolidWorks is easier to understand and simpler to advance as it is utilized for instructive purposes, it is an incredible beginning spot for designers to learn CAD Software.


Which one do you choose? As you can see both Catia and SolidWorks are strong CAD programming, yet for various requirements. With Catia you can plan the entire airplane, in any case, SolidWorks will perform better with regards to item plan and hardware.

The decision relies upon which area you work for, your organization size, and what project you are now dealing with. Whichever you decide to start using, you have the best institutes to take CATIA training in Chennai and the best SolidWorks training in Chennai.

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