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Introduction of SPY Car Security Alarm Systems

Guangdong LFF Technology Co, Ltd. created in 1994, is a manufacturer and supplier of car security alarm systems, car TPMS, parking sensor), smart mirror DVR, BSD ( blind spot detection system), central locking system push burton / remote starter, power window, keyless entry, and other car electronic systems.

SPY has more than 20,000-sqm factory gears with ICT robot, high-speed SMT machine, and automatic input line and many other important testing machines. With a lot of considerate service and experience, they have gained much respect and compliments from buyers abroad and home.


Features of SPY Bluetooth Car Alarms


The important thing to notice is the setting up process because it can be somewhat a challenge. In many cases, most of the wires are used and you also have to be familiar with your car’s electrical system. If you know how to install the alarm system, you can install the alarm system by yourself. The other way is to call a professional. However, make sure you are aware of the guidelines before fitting it yourself. As intimidating as the task may be, you can easily install your car alarm system if you are a good car holder. SPY Bluetooth car alarms are very easy to install even for the ordinary car owner.


Although some alarm systems say they have a range as long as 2 kilometers, it is mostly impossible you will ever want to start your car from 2 kilometers away. So, instead of thinking about the range it can cover think about the strength of its signal and SPY alarms are the best choice in terms of signals strength. Then you can be assured your car alarm is on however if you have a distance from the car and turn it on from a mile away

Shock Sensors

The worth of the shock sensors in your car alarm system defines how effective and sensitive your alarm system will be when stumbled. We endorse going with the SPY car alarm system that has quick shock sensors that are best at sounding the car alarm when your car is hit with major impact or when anyone tries breaks through the window of the car.

Smartphone Bluetooth Compatibility

Several car alarm producers are adding Smartphone apps into their car alarm systems and SPY car alarm systems are best among them. This improves a level of ease that lets you to easily handle your car from your mobile. Actually, with a system attached to an app, you can also make your mobile into an extra remote and watch your car from a distance. Few pieces have features that send you warnings through text or mail-in occasion of a security breach. A mobile app also has a GPS tracking feature that can be extremely useful on occasion if your car gets stolen.

Two Way Car Alarm Systems


The basic advantage of two-way systems is that the vehicle has performed the desired work and it is called a two-way system because the controller of remote communicates with the automobile and the automobile communicates back to the controller of a remote.

The question may arise in your mind that why should I care? If someone has not ever owned a remote starter, he may perhaps think that you will use it in the morning when it is cold outdoors, and you would be right. You may go out to that warm vehicle one time, you will be curved. You would not want to go out to a cold vehicle again. You will not ever want to pull or drag a hard or sharp implement across to remove dirt or other matter your windows again. believe everywhere the vehicle sits over a mean week for any length of your time – once you are at work, bent eat, the grocery, the mall, church; you name it. In the least those times, you’ll not be because of your vehicle. And you would like to understand that it started, right?

That is the importance of a two-way system. You need to press the start button on your remote, and you will get an immediate response back, allowing you to know it received the command. About 6 to 10 seconds after initiating you will get a response that it is running, getting your vehicle ready and deicing your windows.

Encrypted transmission

Smart car alarm systems makers know that not every car thieves will steal the car by breaking the window of the car. Also, as we are living in the modern world, there are certain tech-savvy thieves out there. So you need a car alarm system with the encoded transmission. Encoded transmission means that the signals that your mobile or remote sends to your car alarm system can only be understood by your car alarm system and no other systems.

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