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3 Reasons SEO Is Essential for Growth

Here is a situation that countless marketing managers will find themselves in at some point. You need to explain the importance of search engine optimization to a board of directors or the head of your department. You know that the company is fixated on ROI and will not spend any money on something that does not guarantee a return on their investment. In many cases, companies place a tight deadline on achieving an ROI through marketing initiatives.

So, how do you convince internal stakeholders that SEO is a scalable and cost-effective way to grow the business?

Safari Digital SEO Agency has offered the following three tips for explaining and justifying the value of SEO Services for any organization — big or small.


1. SEO Builds Strong Brands

Search engine optimization effective and scalable ways to build brand recognition and authority online.

Having someone in your company or business who understands how to create and organize content that resonates with search engines and website visitors is extremely valuable. In 2019, standing out in the search engine results is more difficult than ever. More and more brands and companies understand the true value of search engine optimization which means that being seen on Google is getting more difficult. That is why it is more important than ever to have an SEO specialist in your team who understands how to organize, optimize and structure web content.

In the eyes of users, websites with high search engine rankings are more credible. Achieving top rankings in your industry for relevant, revenue-generating keywords is an effective and scalable way to increase leads for your business. Unlike other marketing channels where companies must pay for each click or visitor through a pay-per-click model, SEO is the marketing channel that keeps on giving.

When using SEO as an avenue to increase brand awareness, it’s important to remember that success begins with selecting the right keywords for your campaign. Focus on keywords that are relevant to your industry, your brand, and target local customers who are most likely to lead to lead to a conversion.


2. SEO Improves the User Experience

Search engine optimization is a complicated and ever-changing process. However, one aspect of search engine optimization that is becoming clear over time is that Google (and other search engines) favor websites that deliver true value to the user. That is why it is more important than ever that your SEO strategy aligns with delivering a seamless experience for the user.

Metrics such as time on page, pages viewed in a session, page load speed, and website dwell time are all designed to help Google decipher which websites are delivering true value to the user and which are not. Effective SEO is much more complicated than targeting high volume keywords and building links for them, SEO involves understanding how users interact with content and how you can create content that improves their experience.

Over the last 12-months, Google has introduced a slew of new technologies that impact how websites appear in the search results. Some of the new technologies that relate to improving the user experience include:

  • The introduction of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) across the network
  • Changes to schema mark-up and the improved functionality of rich snippets
  • Mobile-first indexing – favoring websites with responsive, intuitive design
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Google will continue to evolve and change the way that it ranks website according to user behavior. Websites that offer real value to the user will be rewarded, while those who lag behind will fall down the search results.


3. SEO is A Long-Term Strategy

SEO is the gift that keeps on giving. Long after your PPC marketing campaigns on Google AdWords or Facebook have finished, search engine optimization continues to benefit your business for years to come. Ranking high in Google for a high-volume search term will generate consistent traffic for as long as you can maintain that position.

Organic search results are constantly changing. Google, Bing, and other search engines are constantly changing how they rank content. As a result, organic search engine results are often very volatile. Having success with SEO requires a lot of time, skill, and an intricate understanding of how the latest search algorithm changes affect the way that your website ranks.

Search engine optimization is not a ‘set and forget’ strategy. It requires constant work, revision, and updates. However, for businesses that get it right, the rewards will be substantial.


Wrapping Up

Search engine optimization is an essential element of building a successful business in 2019. SEO requires an intricate understanding of your business, its customers, and collaboration between a number of internal teams within a business.

Organic search results are often the first point of contact between a business and a prospective customer. The first interaction that a customer has with a business on Google can lead to further interaction, brand recognition and revenue down the line.

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