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Why shared web hosting is best for new businesses

The concept of shared web hosting is like this, Imagine there is an apartment and there are few restrictions amount of luggage and space but you are allowed to live there. This apartment has a shared washroom and same with lift and rooftop and there maybe you feel unconformable on entry-exit. But you have to adjust with these due to have less budget to afford separate apparent with dedicated facilities.

This is like shared hosting. So, share hosting is considered the best option for basic websites and blogs to start them with fewer budgets.

Many website hosting services available in the industry and share hosting is one of them. It is known as the most affordable and cheap service in this industry. In shared Web hosting is very useful for single blogs and Web hosting. If a website is at the initial stage and has less traffic and has just started its website it is very useful for that kind of person. On Other hand, it’s very cost-effective and cost effective to get online business.

Shared web hosting

In shared web hosting a single server has to host multiple accounts. Its means multiple accounts are and website are hosting on save server and all resource included CPU, storage space and bandwidths are shared.

Sometimes a few problems occurred with shared hosting, the problem with shared hosting is if your provider is renting the apartment for too many users, over congestion can cause failure and services.

As a layman its normally sounds line while dealing with different websites and the client-server may be disturbed or not efficient to full fill all requirements. So for the people who reside in an apartment, this shared web hosting can be used to rent, VPS remains a condo, as well as dedicated servers, is equivalent to getting your home. If you are the starter to build the website, opt for shared web hosting services that give you unrestricted access to use the server.

Why you should go for shared web hosting

Shared hosting has many advantages as well, which make it so popular.

  • Its low cost and cheap, desire of many other advantages it is very cheap and affordable and associated law cost with it
  • To get shared hosting is very simple easy and normally it’s a one click setup. Hosting companies came with a customize click option to reduce installation time.
  • Shared hosting service provider companies provide easy support options, with some also providing phone-based support.

Above mentioned factors are the factors that promoting and entice most of the small businesses towards shared hosting.

Disadvantages of shared web hosting

  • Security-related issues may arise due to shared hosting and it may increase hacking attempts.
  • You may face uptime related issues.
  • You may face server resource issues like CPU usage and RAM and other hardware overload issues 
  • The shared hosting has fewer key features than dedicated servers it may interrupt our options due to lack of regular features.
  • Share host server may get in an overwhelmed situation in busy hours and maybe overburdened resulting in slow operations of sometimes may it stop working.

Web hosting for Asia

Shared hosting services are very popular in the IT industry due to their dynamic features included in Asia particularly in Thailand. More than 70 Thailand companies are providing Shared hosting services. 

Some of the recommended Thai hosting for Asia are more efficient and effective for Asian users that’s because you get to host in the global data center of your choice to get low data latency. 

Due to a rise in the economies of Asian countries, international countries increase the focus on Asia and start providing and selling services including Webhosting.

As per a report the marketing of web Web hosting in Asia, especially in south Asia expected to be reached at USD 4.67 billion by the end of 2025 due to the repaid provision of the internet and the tremendous increase of internet users along with high rates of digitization in this region. To fulfill these needs other internet providing services like bid data, internet on things (IoT), and web hosting companies are increasing their spans in Asia and especially in South Asia.

These automation and digitization can drive major productive improvement in south Asia and Thailand.


The flow of investment in South Asian countries and especially in Thailand increasing day by day. The medium and large enterprises are increasing the demand for dedicated VPS and shared series due to digitization. On the other hand, large enterprises and require dedicated Web hosting and sometimes share hosting services. To cater to these demands and share hosting businesses are getting attention and booming up over time.

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