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TMD hosting vs DreamHost Which One is Better?

Are you looking for the best web host? Well, some of you might be confused between TMD Hosting and DreamHost.

Both of these service providers are gaining huge popularity in the market these days. However, while taking your website online, you may need to choose the best one by making a detailed comparison.

Here we are going to compare TMD Hosting vs DreamHost based on hosting price, performance, customer support, and user rating so that you can pick the best one.

TMD Hosting vs DreamHost: Popularity

TMD Hosting vs DreamHost Popularity

As per Google trends, Dreamhost is way popular than TMD Hosting.

If we talk about the popularity of these hosting service providers in the competitive market, DreamHost lands at 25th rank while TMD Hosting is maintaining 37th rank in the list of best cheap WordPress hosting service providers in 2020.

DreamHost is dominating user and editor rating with 3.3/5 stars whereas TMDHosting has obtained 3.2/5 stars rating online.

Note that this data is calculated on a real-time basis whole considering the verified editor ratings or user reviews.

Both TMD Hosting and Dreamhost are the best alternatives to popular hosting provider Siteground. Check out the full list here.

TMD Hosting vs DreamHost: Performance

TMD hosting has well-maintained data centers at seven different locations, and they claim an average uptime of 100.00%. The estimated response time for shared web hosting service is 142.51ms; however, it is limited to 133.28ms for cloud or VPS hosting service.

On the other side, DreamHost also offers 100% uptime with its seven backup centers located around different corners of the world. The estimated response time for the shared hosting service of DreamHost is 142.09ms.

All the hosting plans of DreamHost are available with custom auto-installed, remediation tools, and automated malware monitoring solution.

For managed web hosting, DreamHost offers 30 GB of SSD storage, whereas, for dedicated servers, you can access up to 1TB storage space for your essential files. On the other side, TMD Hosting offers unlimited storage with all its shared plans and a maximum of 200GB SSD with VPS plans.

Pros and Cons TMD Hosting vs DreamHost

Here you will find quick highlights on the pros and cons of TMD Hosting vs DreamHost.


  • Hosting prices are cheaper than renowned hosting providers.
  • Both hosting providers offer unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth.
  • TMD Hosting and DreamHost allow you to choose datacenters.
  • Free domain registration is available.
  • Offers daily backup with one click restore options.
  • Free SSL for high security is available with both hosting providers.
  • Both offer an unbeatable money-back guaranty.


  • Renewal price is a bit costly for both hosting providers.
  • Dreamhost does not provide cPanel and for some users, it may be difficult to use.
  • There is an extra cost for DreamHost, to contact customer care by phone.

TMD Hosting Vs DreamHost: Pricing

Let us talk about the pricing of both these hosting service providers. The starter package of TMD shared hosting package is available with a price tag of $2.95/month.

TMD Hosting Vs DreamHost Pricing

TMD Hosting Price

It offers easy access to the free domain, unlimited SSD storage, data transfer, SSL, and basic caching. Whereas, the business pack can be accessed at $4.95/month price along with the ability to support unlimited websites, free domain availability, unlimited SDD storage, and data transfer.

The enterprise package is a little expensive with a $7.95 per month price tag, and it offers unlimited websites, unlimited SSD storage, and data transfers.

If you are looking for Cloud or VPS hosting package, the starter package can be accessed at $19.97, the original package at $29.97, and Smart package at $39.97 per month.

On the other side, the shared starter package of DreamHost is available at $2.59/month with free domain, SSL, 50GB SSD storage, and unlimited data transfer.

DreamHost Hosting Features

DreamHost Hosting Features

The shared unlimited package can be accessed at $5.95/month with all the above features and additional support to unlimited websites.

Cloud and VPS hosting package of DreamHost is available at $10.00 per month; however, for VPS Business and Professional package, you need to pay $20 and $40 per month.

TMD Hosting vs DreamHost Refund Policy

Sometimes hosting providers do not meet our expectations and you look for a refund.

Both TMD Hosting and Dreamhost offer a money-back guaranty. TMD Hosting offers 60 days and 90 days of money back guaranty whereas DreamHost has unbeatable 97 days of money back guaranty.

TMD Hosting Vs DreamHost: Customer Service

Both these hosting service providers are ready to serve customers 24X7 with live chat, mail, phone call, and forum-based assistance as well.

The good thing about customer support is that they have real humans to help people with their issues.

You need not mess with the automated bots. In simple words, both these service providers are rated almost equal in terms of customer service, and users can always find it satisfactory.

TMD Hosting Vs DreamHost: User Reviews

Millions of people are already using these web hosting service providers, and the surprising fact is that you will find very rare negative reviews about these reputed service providers.

If we look at the social media rating, both these websites have received a 5-star rating from satisfied users.

HostAdvice is one of the genuine sites for finding user reviews on hosting platforms.

DreamHost has a rating of 8.8 on HostAdvice. Out of 274 users, 247 users have given a 5-star rating to DreamHost.

TMD Hosting a slightly better rating of 9.0 on HostAdvice. Out of 405 users, 355 users have given 5-star ratings.

The only trouble reported about DreamHost is it’s difficult to use dashboard; beginners may need to spend more time to learn this. However, TMD Hosting service offers a seamless experience on its platform because it provides a user-friendly cPanel dashboard.

Furthermore, people are more satisfied with the additional free features available with TMD Hosting as compared to DreamHost.

TMD Hosting Vs DreamHost: Conclusion

Finally, let us declare clear winners for TMD Hosting Vs DreamHost by considering all the above-discussed parameters.

There is no doubt to say that both these competitors have their individual pros and cons that can further affect the ultimate user experience.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can easily choose one of the best web hosts for your website.

TMD Hosting vs DreamHost TMD Hosting DreamHost
Free Features Winner  
Pricing   Winner
Popularity   Winner
Response Time   Winner
Uptime Tie Tie
Customer Support Tie Tie
User Reviews Winner Tie
Ease of Use Winner  

We have considered these nine factors to conclude TMD Hosting vs DreamHost reviews. The result clearly shows that TMDHosting is a clear winner.

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