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The 9 Best Countries Where You Can Volunteer in Asia

There are many volunteer opportunities in Asia due to its huge size. If you want to experience a diverse climate, customs, rich history and civilization then volunteer in Asia.

To make it an easier choice for you, we have listed top countries in Asia where you should volunteer.

#1. Japan

Japan is a country of diligent people, immaculate streets, and efficiency like the Germany of the east. Japan is blessed with natural beauty and a strategic mix of countryside and city.

A good way of experience all this is volunteering in Japan. This is an ideal way to afford an otherwise high cost of living, as many programs will provide you with accommodations. It is an amazing opportunity to learn about Japanese society, which is known to be more reserved and closed-off to outsiders.

#2. South Korea

You can experience nearly all in a cheaper way that Japan has to offer in terms of food, nature, landscape, and cultural norms.

Being one of the hard-working nations, South Koreans know how to unwind, and drink more shots of liquor a week than any other country in the world. You must experience their nightlife culture even the long day working hours.

#3. India

India is entirely different from East Asian countries. It is an extremely diverse country with 29 different states and 26 official different languages spoken, You can experience India as a restless volunteer.

As a volunteer in India, you can experience multi-faceted programs of working with elephants in Rajasthan one week and teaching street children in Mumbai’s slums the next. Travelling is very easy and affordable via Indian Railways. Make sure you choose an AC sleeper car if you’re there in any other season but winter.


#4. Vietnam

Though it is a very small country as compared to India, You can experience rich cultural stimulation. If you volunteer there then you need to eat pho and visit Ha Long Bay and the many centuries-old shrines the Southeast Asian country has to offer while completing their service work.

Vietnam is known to be a popular destination for backpackers and English teachers alike, you’ll never be so out of touch from other expats.

#5. Philippines

With overwhelming 7,641 islands, the Philippines is a beach paradise and easy cultural immersion. The Philippines lends itself well to volunteers looking to go far without experiencing drastic cultural differences. English being the official language, volunteers has no communication problem as they help out in the rain forests of Luzon, the chocolate fields in Bohol, or in orphanages in Manila.

There is a wide range of volunteering work such as working as a clinic shadowing doctors, rebuild post-typhoon destruction sites, or work on marine conservation.

There are many other countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Srilanka where you can spend time as a volunteer and experience rich and diverse Asian cultures.

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