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Why You Need A Recruitment CRM

As a recruitment agency, you may argue that an ATS or spreadsheet is all you need. And while these tools can help you stay organised and fulfill your role as a recruiter, they can hardly keep up with the constant fluctuations in today’s job market.

In fact, without a recruitment CRM software, your agency will be hard-pressed to stay ahead of the competition.

To take your recruitment efforts to the next level, it’s vital that you introduce a CRM software into your agency’s workings. It provides candidates with a more pleasurable recruiting experience and makes your job as a recruiter much easier. Here are a few reasons why you need a recruitment CRM software.

1. Access To Lots of Data   

A CRM software collects all the data on a particular candidate in one place. Information regarding their potential strengths, skill sets, interests, social accounts, and previous employers can be accessed from a single source.

This saves you hours that would be spent sifting through records to create a wholesome picture of your candidate.

2. Candidate Engagement

Instead of having to manually reply to every email and message you receive from candidates, you can simply automate messages using a recruitment CRM software. The automated messages can even be customized to answer FAQs that most candidates will have regarding their roles.

The right software also sends personal updates to candidates informing them of the stage of the hiring process they are currently in.

All of these features help to keep candidates engaged, which is important if you want to retain and hire the best talent on the market.

3. Easy Scheduling

Recruitment CRM software helps to simplify the process of scheduling interviews or meetings with candidates.

Manual scheduling eats up a lot of time with all the back and forth communication required to fix a meeting. With a software like the one at Recruiterflow, your recruitment agency can send candidates a calendar highlighting free slots for candidates to choose from. When the candidate selects a slot, the employee is notified and the interview can be conducted at a time that’s convenient for both parties.

4. Streamlining Application Process 

Filling out application forms for different roles and positions can be exhausting and a recruitment CRM software helps to streamline this process.

Here candidates can provide all information regarding their skills and affinity to particular roles in a single sitting. This also gives your employees a chance to look at a complete profile and offer roles that best suit the candidates abilities.

The right software also highlights jobs on different platforms, including job boards, email campaigns, and social media accounts ensuring that your agency is able to reach out to the best talent.

5. Maintaining Candidate Relationships

As a recruitment agency, you’re not going to hire every qualified candidate for a particular position. However, these candidates possess skills and qualities that you may require for future hires.

With a recruitment CRM software like Recruiterflow, you can build and maintain relationships with a network of candidates whom you can reach out to for future job opportunities.

6. Saves Time

One of the main benefits of a CRM software is the amount of time you can save on mundane tasks. Automated emails, chatbots, calendars, and efficient pipeline management can help drastically cut down on the hours spent doing menial work.

This time can be invested instead in actually furthering the efforts of your recruitment agency and making more quality hires. And these efforts can be easier to focus on when you’ve eliminated the meaningless tasks that usually take up large chunks of your day.

7. Track Progress  

An important reason to integrate recruitment CRM software into your business is so you can track your agency’s progress.

A software like the one offered by Recruiterflow gives you visual reports that help track your recruitment metrics. With these reports you’ll have a clearer idea of information like

  • Where most of your candidates are sourced from
  • How much time you spend on different hiring processes and which of these yield the best results
  • Where in the recruitment pipeline can you improve your efforts
  • How to conduct interviews more effectively

Build Your Business

To expand your recruiting business, you need to be aware of how you’re performing and where you can improve your efforts.

Apart from exponentially improving your hiring process, the right recruitment CRM software can offer valuable insights into your business. This knowledge can go a long way in giving your agency the leverage it needs to stay ahead of the game.

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