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Which Used TV You Should Buy? Sony or Panasonic?

In this article, we will compare the features of Panasonic and Sony 55-inch 3D LED LCD HDTV before you decide which one suits your needs better.

Sony has traditionally been a market leader in televisions. Sony LED TVs, although slightly more expensive than most other television brands, are world-class in terms of picture quality and overall performance. However, Panasonic is not far behind, and it has come up with equally advanced technology for LED TVs as Sony, and offers more competitive prices worldwide.

Panasonic 55” 3D LED LCD HDTV

This television has been created in flush design which gives it a sleek look to go with any kind of home decor. The 3D technology is full HD frame sequential, which has won several awards for its realistic images. 3D glasses are active-shutter and the images are captured in 1920 x 1080 pixels to deliver sharp pictures for fast-moving action scenes. The panel is designed to provide deeper black and reduce the reflection of light to achieve bright picture under all types of lighting conditions. For further sharpness of motion images, this TV uses 600Hz sub-field drive image-analysis technology.

The playback feature is smooth and natural with the 3D 24p Cinema Smoother technology. It ensures lifelike images in 3D and preserves the original tonal character of the picture. The TV is compatible with 3D cameras and camcorders, which makes it possible to view personal 3D recordings and photographs on the large screen. The set includes a single intuitive remote to operate multiple inter-connected AV gadgets. Panasonic claims that the TV has a panel life of up to 100,000 hours, which means it can run for 30 years consecutively at the rate of 8 hours per day.

Sony Bravia 55” 3D LED LCD HDTV

Sony’s 55-inch LED-backlit HDTV with full-HD 1080p resolution is 3D-ready for a unique movie, TV programming and videogame experience. Picture quality of this dynamic edge LED offers superior contrast with deeper black and optical white colors. Sony sync transmitter is optional, which along with active glasses enables an advanced 3D TV-watching experience. The strength of Sony 3D models is the excellent support the company provides in terms of exclusive 3D content, including movies, entertainment programming, music, sports and video games.

Sony’s Motionflow technology ensures that fast-action images can be viewed with sharp clarity. Its Bravia Engine 3 video processor produces high-quality, realistic images with superlative color and contrast. The TV offers excellent Internet connectivity which lets the viewer stream a broad range of entertainment and informative content from popular sources such as YouTube, Amazon, Netflix and Instant Video. The unit features USB and Ethernet ports, VESA compliant wall mounts and six HD inputs.

Getting the Best Value for your Money

Both Sony and Panasonic 55-inch LED 3D televisions to offer world-class technology and features. Sony’s advantage lies in its technological superiority for highly reliable performance which is the best option for CCTV installations. Panasonic offers advanced technology at a relatively lower price, which can be an attraction for some of the buyers. To compare the latest prices and discounts offered by various retailers and make the right buying decision to suit your needs and your budget. You also need to focus on other accessories like tv aerial installation, remote controls, audio systems, and so on. All of these things will combine to give you a great experience.

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