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What is the difference between Thai green and Thai red Vein Speciosa

Whether you are new to this field or are the old one, you have probably listened to most of the sellers claiming you to purchase the red one or the one which is green. However, if you will look at their grounded form, you will hardly find any of the differences, as they all look the same. But do you know that their properties are entirely different? The names- red and green are to identify the need—also their proper understanding in all regards. Moreover, there is a significant change in their aromas as well. 

The difference in both the strains

So, when both the names are relatively the same, then the sellers usually confuse the sellers in their names. Hence the proper guidance is crucial in both regards. Also, it is essential to know about their look and their properties. 

Red vein Speciosa

When you listen to the colour then probably you will get the idea about the colour of the vine, and you will also know about the original looks of the vein. Hence in all these regards, it is the must thing to get for the processing before any process. It will smell entirely different, and the process of harvesting is also different. These factors will critically affect several different things related to the strains. Also, it will affect the maturity levels that directly relate to the power of the alkali content of the branch. 

Thai Speciosa

Hence the other part that will trick your mind is the origin of the strain. In most of the cases, it is the origin in South Asia. However, in some of the cases, the production is relatively like those of Thailand. Hence it is the composition of the soil that will affect it solely. 


So, it is the grounded form that is mostly delivered at your place. In most cases, it is the common form of powders that will affect the thing. Other than that, it is the extracts as well, which is the more concentrated form. Other than that, it is the Divine kratom powder form as well, which will affect the composition. 

Colours of the vein 

Since the real colours of all the veins are white, as they grow more and more heading for maturity, then they go for the darker shades as well. It tells the amount of alkaline. Other than that it will also say the amount of the active compound that will shift in the plant. 

So, the red one is the oldest of all the leaves, or you can say the mature one for all the rest of it. Also, it will be the growth of the compound as well that will affect its compositions. Other than that, the green one is the one that will affect the ailments of the tree. So, in prime occasions, it is the process of harvesting that will further classify them for their use. 

Why are they used?

If you are looking for a beginner user of the plant, then it is best to go for the green one; otherwise, you can also go for the red one. But the red vein will not provide you with mild results. However, if you want some high effects, then red thread is the strongest of all. 


All in all, there is no harm in getting the right dosage, but for that, the consultation is crucial. You must have to consult with the proper guidance to get the right one for the need. Hence it is the must thing to get the correct intake for the better results. 

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