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Types of Source Code and Different Languages used in Applications of Mobile Phone

Keep in your mind that computers and mobile phones are just like a pet animal. They learn or remember the things which you tell them or ask to proceed in such a way. You can connect or communicate with your mobile phone with the programming language or the app source code which are provided in the app. There are different types of programming language and source codes that are provided on a mobile phone. Programming language and source code plays an important role in the conversation and understanding the different arrangements and setup of apps.

Programming Language:

The programming language is a formal language with the instructions given by the developer and having an output. It usually refers to a high level of language. The programming is developed to make to guide the operating system and also the user with understandable language. Especially the programming language erases the gap between the computer and the user. It also enhances the capability of doing work with computers and mobile phones under your necessaries. There are different types of programming languages.

  1. Logic programming language
  2. Object-oriented programming language
  3. Functional programming language
  4. Procedural programming language
  5. The scripting programming language, etc.

The programming language is used in different apps like android apps, app templates, IOS apps, and many more. Actually inserting the programming language in any device is a difficult task.

Source Code:

There is nothing supernatural in a source code, it’s just a plain text. All the computers and apps have a source code. Simply a source code is a human-readable language. Generally, it is the instructions given by the programmer to the software. The app source code is going through its aim that is to convert the given language of the user into the machine’s language. When you create an app a source code is inserted according to the requirements. The plain text is written in the text editor the processor read it in its language and then answer back in the user’s language. There are two ways of converting language.

  1. Compiled
  2. Interpreted


 A compiled programming language is that whose implementations are in compiler way means that when the user writes the program or codes the compiler separates the files and shows the executed result in the user’s language. Generally, it keeps the owner’s code.


A language in which the implementations are not compiled at all. This programming language executes the work freely and directly. It also keeps a copy of the user’s work for the record. It does not change or converts the users given language into machine language, it has done its work smoothly with its programming.

Here some examples of the source code

Compiled: C, C++, Objective C

Interpreted: PHP, JavaScript

Hybrid: Java, C#, Python

So, it is justified that when you create an app a source code is provided in it like the app templates and other apps have their own source code. With this when you build a computer or mobile phone it should be highly secure.

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