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Top 5 CBD‌‌ Myths Need Busting Now

The discussions on the CBD products are rising now. Everyone is talking about CBD products based on their limited knowledge. Limited knowledge often results in myths. These are the top 5 myths about CBD that need busting now.

Here are some of the myths and the facts about CBD products.

Myth 1: CBD products get you “high”

As CBD products are made from the extract of Cannabis, so many people believe that using CBD products get you “high” like marijuana.

The truth is that CBD products are free of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is present in marijuana which gets you high. It is not present in CBD‌ oil or other products.

Myth 2: CBD doesn’t help any health conditions

Many people still believe that CBD does not help any health conditions. They usually say that there is no scientifically proven health benefit of the CBD.

These people are unaware that in the last summer, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Epidiolex approved, a CBD-based medication for seizure disorders that are difficult to treat. It’s the first CBD-based medication to get the agency’s approval since cannabis became a Schedule 1 drug in 1970. This is when the government started classifying drugs into different schedules.

Similarly, there are other health benefits of CBD which are proven. For example, CBD‌ cream helps you to fight against dry skin. Other CBD‌ products help you to sleep better and reduce stress.

Myth 3: CBD is a marketing scam

Whether you visit a pharmacy or supermarket in your neighborhood, you will see many CBD‌ products displayed for the sale.

Similarly, while browsing the internet you will see CBD‌ adds everywhere. Many small eCommerce sites are also selling CBD products. Due to this hype, many people believe that CBD is a marketing scam and there is no actual benefit.

This is not true. Of course when a product is in demand then the possibility of replica products in the market increases. It is your job now to do some due diligence and find the real product. The benefits of the CBD‌ products are proven and it is not a marketing scam anymore.

Myth 4: Used CBD for Some days and nothing happened, so it doesn’t work.

Many people have tried the product and they posted on social media that they have used the product for seven days and nothing happened. So they concluded that it does not work.

The first thing you need to know is your medical condition. For different conditions is takes different time.

It is highly recommended that you should consult your doctor for some medical conditions. It can take a different number of days to work for different situations.

Myth 5: The CBD industry is illegal, which makes CBD illegal

There is a legal grey area where CBD exists. As we know that hemp federally is legal while marijuana is not. You can get CBD from both types of cannabis. This has opened the ways for some sketchy products.

But different lab tests have revealed that many products sold with CBD have very little or low CBD in them.

If you know some other myths about CBD‌ then let us know in the comments section below.

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