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The Best 5 Project Management Software of 2020

The 2020 decade is going to be ruled by technology. Business groups around the globe are advising their project management professionals to get comfortable with the newest technological advancement.

The companies know that the edge-cutting project management software are essential part today’s project deal. They cannot afford the loss of business in any way.

Hence, the role of a project manager is important. Understanding the significance and utility of software in project management is crucial for any project management professional.

Right now, you may be using a software in your current project cycle. But this is an age of rapid technological progress. Today’s software and tools may not be relevant tomorrow. Every moment, something new and unique is coming up.

So, knowing the best project management software which will rule in 2020 should be your priority as a project manager.

Successful project managers are always ahead in such tasks. You too can lead and accomplish projects like the successful project managers once you know when and how to use project management software in your current work.

In case, if anyone does not know the definition of project management software.

What is a Project Management Software?

Project management software helps the project managers and team members to collaborate and meet project goals on time while managing the client’s requirements, time, resources and cost, etc.

Project management software is also called as ‘Task Management Software’ or ‘Project Portfolio Management.’

The Importance of Project Management Software?

Managing projects has become increasingly complex over the years. Project management professionals have to rely on a project management system to help them to oversee multiple endeavors. In the same way, organizations today could more easily reduce risk by identifying failing factors of a project by using time tracking software that forecasts completion deadlines for each stage of the project.

With many available options, choosing the right software can be difficult, and project managers may not know just where to begin. Many small and medium-sized companies across the different industries are now using online project management software.

Why the need for new?

Nowadays, the demand for unrivalled project management software has reached a completely different stage because an efficient project management system elevates project performance and increases the chances of project success.

So, it is fundamental to choose the best project management software for your organization to achieve your targets.

The best 5 Project Management Software:

  1. Trello

Trello is a web-based project management tool.

The main features of Trello are that it helps teams to organize projects, break them down into manageable tasks, assign deadlines, and track the progress of work in a visually appealing, easy-to-use drag-and-drop user interface facility.

The software is highly functional and organized. It also integrates with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. This effectively helps to communicate and collaborate throughout every stage of your projects, from start to end.

  1. Asana

This software makes it easy to plan projects and track progress for project managers in manifolds. It easily breaks down the complex projects into actionable tasks and subtasks.

Asana is used by organizations like Pinterest, NASA and Spotify, etc. It also helps the business groups to assign, prioritize, and manage tasks across the different teams.

It is highly ideal for project managers who are looking for an efficient way to track cross-team collaboration on projects and tasks.

  1. Hubstaff

It is popular among project managers. It is a time tracking system designed to help companies efficiently manage their teams and improve their overall productivity.

Its advanced activity tracking system allows project managers to quickly gauge productivity levels, and understand how team members are spending their time.

Hubstaff helps organizations to stay within budget by setting employee and project limits as well.

  1. Evernote

Evernote allows project managers to create notes with different formats (text, images, web pages, audio, etc.), and to organize this information using notebooks or tags, and easily find any piece of content again through the search field.

You can manage your personal as well as professional life with Evernote. It also has an excellent web clipping tool. Its robust search functionality enables to find text within images very easily and quickly.

  1. Wrike

It is a real-time project management software. It is excellent in gaining visibility, streamlining workflows, and enabling easy collaboration.

Wrike has been widely used by larger teams and enterprises. If organizations can afford, it will be one of the most valuable software for project management professionals.

Final thoughts

In this ever-changing technological era, where organizations want to gain the upper hand on their market rivals and push their profits to the next level, it is utmost important to manage all projects perfectly.

With the help of this write-up, we have unravelled the best 5 project management software of 2020.

As a project manager you can also advance your career by acquiring the industry’s top-rated project management professional certification credentials.

We hope, as a project manager, you will make the optimum use of these project management software and get the promotion from your higher-ups in the organization.

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