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Scientifically Proven Weighted Blankets for Good & Peaceful Sleep

Whenever we go to sleep, it’s obvious we use a blanket. But did you know that using the right kind of blanket is also equally important for having good nights sleep. If we don’t use the right kind of blanket, then our sleep cycle gets disturbed completely and also there are chances that we may get even more stress during our sleep and this may lead to a life full of tension and stress. If we don’t sleep well its obvious after some days we will get stressed. So, today in this brief guide I am going to tell you which type of blanket you should use to sleep well at night. It’s not a magical blanket that will give you good sleep, but rather these blankets are scientifically approved ones. 

Scientifically Proven for Best Sleep

Yes, I am talking about weighted blanket Canada. Using the science of DTPS i.e. deep touch pressure stimulation, which has proven to help relieve stress and improve the overall quality of sleep. Now that you know which science has been used to define this weighted blanket, I am going to tell you about what a weighted blanket is exactly made up of. A weighted blanket is filled with materials such as poly pellets, discs, breathable cotton material, or also polypropylene plastic beads. Why I am telling this is because there are varieties of different types of weighted blanket. 

Types of Weighted Blankets

This best weighted blanket Canada was earlier used by therapists. Now, it has become a normal part of stress free life and also healthy sleep. This is a kind of blanket which reduces stress and gives a sense of calmness. This blanket can be used by adults. But please don’t allow the children to use this blanket. And if they are using it please be cautious. The different types of weighted blanket available in Canada are – Hush Weighted Blankets, YnM Weighted Blanket, Luna Weighted Blanket, Hush Classic Blanket, Cooling Weighted Blanket, Hush Iced Weighted Blankets, YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket, Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket, Rocabi Weighted Blanket, CZZZ Weighted Blankets, RelaxBlanket Weighted Blanket, Hypnoser Weighted Blanket, HBlife Weighted Blanket, Bed Story Weighted Blanket, Bare Home Weighted Blanket, Dr. Hart’s Weighted Blanket Deluxe Set and CuteKing Weighted Blanket. 

Cotton Blankets

These weighted blankets are mostly made up of 100% cotton. And has many good features. Some of the features of these blankets mentioned above are – it is easy to wash and dry, it is available in various sizes and weights, it provides consistent airflow, it is breathable, the weight distribution is even. It also has cooling gel-infused memory foam, 7 structured layers (in some of the blankets), minimal noise while moving, diverse duvet cover designs, temperature control, etc. 


So, lastly, I would suggest that you should switch to weighted blanket Canada as these are the best blankets. Also, you should know that the hush weighted blankets are made of proprietary bamboo and cotton blend. It helps in drying the sweat during sleep. And is one of the best-weighted blankets as per the reviews. 

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