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Myths and Wrong Beliefs about Accident Attorneys

People can’t predict what will happen to them after they leave their homes. Life carries a lot of threats and you should be well-prepared for them.

Accidents of all kinds are among these threats. They can happen when you don’t expect them and leave lifelong consequences. In these instances, you need all the help you can get, especially when it comes to the financial part and obtaining compensation. Chicago Personal injury attorneys can assist you in this field. However, some people don’t hire them because of some misconceptions and beliefs that go around.

To prevent you from making that mistake, here we present to you some of these misconceptions. Enjoy!

Attorneys Ask for a Lot of Money

Money drives the world and many victims are reluctant to find a lawyer because of this. They think that they will have to pay a huge sum of money and not get much in return.

This is wrong. A big number of attorneys provide a contingency fee, meaning that you can pay them after their work is done and you receive your compensation. You can search for them by keywords like ‘Chicago attorneys’, for one, and go through their websites for more details.

Even if they don’t have this policy, they usually don’t charge fees upfront and take them later as a reasonable percentage of the compensation.

Every Claim Goes to Court

Many personal injury claims are settled without the need to go in front of a judge. Lawyers negotiate with the insurance companies and they arrange everything.

So, you shouldn’t be scared to file a claim because you will end up in court. Unless it’s a very serious accident with long-lasting consequences, it stays out of the courtroom.

Those That Are At Fault Should Pay You Themselves

While victims think that the ones that caused the accidents should pay for that out of their own pockets, the situation, in reality, is slightly different.

Moreover, after you hire an attorney to speak in your name, they go to the insurance company of the person who is at fault and arrange the payment through it. However, if that individual is uninsured, many lawyers don’t go after them.

No Time Limit to File a Claim

Of course, there is a time limit until which you should file a settlement for your accident case. The states have different laws and the period varies but it’s not unlimited in any case.

This represents another reason why you need a lawyer to tell you what to do. They know the laws by heart and can control if you are doing everything within the legal timeframe.

Attorneys Aren’t Needed for Small Injuries

Cases for small injuries may not go directly to the court, but this in no way means that a lawyer isn’t needed to back you up. What looks like minor to you canlater turn out to have major consequences in your life.

Final Words

After this, it’s clear that you should leave the misconceptions aside. It’s better to be safe than sorry and take the necessary precautions on time. This includes finding an accident attorney that matches your expectations.

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