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Lifting Heavy Loads – Common Source of Back Pain

Back pain can be debilitating and can hold you back from being the best of yourself at home, work and other places you ought to be productive at.

This is a condition that can happen to anyone irrespective of their gender and age. Though as people add more age, there is a higher risk of developing lower back pain.

Also, some back pain results from what an individual does not have power over just like the case of some degenerative disc disease and improper alignment of back vertebrae right from birth.

How Lifting Heavy Loads Can Cause Back Pain

Among the most common causes of back pain is lifting heavy loads and most people’s back pain falls into this category. It happens in the home, at the place of work or any other situation that requires you to lift some loads and other heavy stuff.

Lifting heavy loads puts a lot of pressure on the back components like the vertebrae, muscles, tendons and other parts that make up the back region. It causes the back region to twist and turn in a way that it strains the back region.

Lifting heavy loads can cause some injury to the back region and they include:

  • Strained Muscles and Ligament
  • Muscle Tension
  • Damaged Disk
  • Muscle Spasm

How to Prevent Back Pain from Heavy Lifting

There are some preventive measures you can take to prevent back injuries that come as a result of lifting heavy loads.

Maintain Proper Lifting Position

It is essential to always maintain proper posture when carrying heavy loads. Improper posture or lifting position will put the back components in a risky position that could lead to a back injury. Improper lifting positions will cause strain and twisting of the back which can cause excruciating pain to the lower back.

Back Brace

Getting a back brace for lifting heavy objects is very essential to prevent back pain. Most back pain resulting from lifting heavy loads comes as a result of the displacement of back components. The back brace is a medical device that helps in holding these components together and in their correct position to eliminate displacement that could lead to twisting, strain and other issues that could result in back injuries.

Engage in Exercise

Regular exercise is one of the ways to strengthen the back muscle and keep them fit. This tightens the muscle, keeps them strong, thereby, making them less susceptible to a movement that could lead to a back injury.

Other Causes of Back Injury/Pain

Degenerative Disc Disease – This occurs due to aging. It occurs when the disc between the vertebrae of the spinal cord deteriorates. This causes weakness, pain, and numbness of the back region among other symptoms.

Improper Sitting Position – A lot of back pain can result from an improper sitting position. This is very common to folks that sit in front of a computer for a longer time. This can lead to bad postures like rounded shoulders and curved vertebrae.

Final words

It is essential to visit a qualified medical doctor for proper treatment of the back pain. Back pain resulting from scoliosis, herniated disc, and other back issues will need proper medical diagnosis and treatment to completely rid the patient of back injuries.

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