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Innovation and Implementation – Are you making these simple mistakes

Innovation management is the term that is used to refer to any progress made during the innovation process – everything from trend analysis, to brainstorming to the generation of ideas during the early steps of innovation and right through to the successful implementation of the new service or product. 

There are three key points upon which innovation management is based:

1.     The search for ideas

2.     The organisation of the process associated with the innovation 

3.     The process of implementation and also the promotion of innovation on the market

In order to make this organisation of the process of innovation management at the smallest levels, it is important that you ensure that all of the goals are adapted to follow the general goals of business. You will also need to ensure that you identify any competitive advantages that you might have and also your weaknesses. This involves determining any methods of innovation management and then building an innovation management mechanism. 

Of course, all of this seems rather simple. However, there are a significant number of common mistakes that can be made. A good project manager course will help you learn how to identify these, but here are some useful tips.

Strategic mistakes

Creating the next big thing, the sensation that takes the world by storm, would be fantastic, but the reality is that these kinds of successes are few and far between. If you are setting the bar too high for your project and the borders are just too narrow, then there is a really good chance that you will be missing some truly great and attainable, ideas along the way. 

Organisational mistakes

Another classic mistake that you might be making is to linked to your management system. There are companies that look to apply a similar type of leverage to projects that are innovative as to a business that is more mature. This has the effect of strangling them. 

It is important to ensure that control and planning within a team are more flexible. This means that sometimes it can be a good idea to leave room in your budget for the unseen spending that is linked to many projects. This way, you are more in control of your procedures and do not need to find a way to ask for more money. 

Structural mistakes

To put it simply, you simply cannot approach working with a new project team in the same way as you would a well-established large company. Peaceful coexistence is the key. It is something that leads to the building of better relationships within the workplace. One of the first steps you should be taking is to ensure that there are good ties between any established teams and a new team in order to better assist with innovation. 

Personnel mistakes

Training for project managers will help you to ensure that you are choosing leaders in your project team and also encouraging collaboration. Companies that do not value the skills of their employees are far less likely to be creating the outstanding innovations that they are looking for. Poor management and poor awareness of the individuals who make up your team could make those employees feel undervalued, and ultimately,  this could lead to poor employee retention.

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