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Do You Really Know How to Choose a Wireless Noise Canceling Earphone that Suits You?

Mobile phones have become the most popular digital products in the world, followed by earphones. With the birth of various social software, listening to music and watching videos has become the normal state of life. With the development of science and technology, the earphones also have a rapid replacement process. From the very beginning, the wired earphones have now become wireless earphones; the single-function earphones develop to thousands of functions that meet different kinds of people’s needs; the few international brands are not the only choice for consumers but independent headset brands also Flourishing. The price of earphones also ranges from below 100 dollars to thousands of dollars, the headset industry has clearly shown a flourishing scene. But for the users, what kind of earphones do you choose? How to choose a suitable earphone for yourself?

Now I will introduce the LINNER NC100 wireless noise-canceling earphone to you. NC100 is using the latest intelligent wireless noise reduction technology to support lossless sound quality transmission. In order to improve the sound quality, the parent company TRANSTEK invites many experienced professional tuners to adjust the transmission more stable and the anti-interference ability stronger. The Monaural and Binaural Mode can be switched manually, making sure that the stereo sound effect is perfect at any time. No matter in any places with severe signal interference such as subways and underground garages, the sensors in the earphone can accurately identify your environment and automatically adjust the appropriate noise reduction intensity. In the bass mode, NC100 selects the advanced 10mm composite diaphragm speaker, you can enjoy the original sound even if you are in a noisy environment, especially you are chatting someone face to face, you can still keep the conversation unhindered. Once the active noise reduction function is turned on, you are creating your own private space and enjoy the fun of being alone anytime, anywhere!

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The USB charging cable of LINNER NC100 supports the type-C interface, which is more convenient than the ordinary interface. So you don’t need to worry about forgetting to bring a charging cable. The earphone supports fast charging. A 5-minutes-charging allows you to use the earphone for half an hour. NC100 is equipped with a 340mAH high-activity lithium battery, the battery life is pretty long, you can use it for 25 hours. Normal users only need to charge the earphones once a week. For the users who use it frequently can also charge every two to three days.

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Technical Specifications

Product modelNC100
Use time of wearing both ears7.5 hours
Earphone size25*36.4*17.2mm
Total endurance25 hours(Earphone + Charging box)
Charging box size30*30.7*70mm
Vocal tractstereo
Bluetooth versionBT5.0
Dustproof and waterproofIP54
Specification1.Bluetooth: BES2300 V 5.0
2.Microphone: ANC mic*2,Talk mic*2
3.Speaker Driver: Dynamic 10mm
4.Frequency Range: 20Hz-20KHz
5.Impedance: 32 ohm
6.Battery Capacity: 340mAh+70mAh*2
7.Charging Time: 2.5 times
8.Standby Time: 20 days
9.Playing Time: 25 hours (ANC on)/30 hours (ANC off) at 60 dB
10.Neutral Color: Black / White
Function1.Active Noise Cancelling, up to 28 dB
2.Touch Control
3.Automatic pairing
4.IP54 Dust and waterproof
5.Dual or Single Use
6.Type-C Fast Charging
7.Support Apple Siri / Google Assistant 
8.Mini Size and Comfortable fit
Accessories2*Ear Tips (S/L)
Charging Cable
Earphone 3

The brand LINNER under TRANSTEK has a world-class technical team working and studying the latest technology. LINNER not only has senior experience in optimizing noise reduction and communication, but also audio solution and development. If you have any questions or willing to build business relationship with TRANSTEK, please contact LINNER, the leader in noise reduction earphones in China.

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