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Four Social Media Marketing Trends for 2020

Internet users are gaga over social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The first site a corporate employee opens in his web browser the very moment he logs in to his machine is Facebook, then Twitter, and what is his homepage? Yes, it is Teenagers, the elderly, housewives, politicians, and celebrities are no exceptions. Such is the craze for social media, which is definitely not a fad.

It is obvious that social media has taken full control over the social, online, and mobile behaviors of the modern-day folks. So what does it mean for marketers? Social media marketing is the key to success, as the entire online population has developed an obsession for something called “social.” What follows are four social media marketing predictions for the year 2020 and beyond.

Online Voting

Online voting is the latest addition to the social media marketing professionals’ arsenal. You can quickly get people’s opinion on any matter in a matter of hours. You can learn more about online voting on this website.

Now there are websites like where you can buy votes and win over your competitors. You can also create public opinions using this site. Learn more about buying social media votes at

Twitter, A Customer Service Tool

Customer service is all about resolving issues that the customers come up with. The speed with which a company provides the required support is believed to be very important as a trust factor. As one cannot expect a prompt response in phone-based and email-based customer service, these services are becoming obsolete. The current trend in customer service is support rendered via the super-fast micro-blogging service, Twitter.

Many top-notch organizations have already started using Twitter, either as a one-way PR channel or to engage in actual conversation with the customers, solving their problems and also participating in fun and jokes.

Content Marketing

As the media publishing industry is getting adapted to the social media age, content is going to be the center of marketing. It helps to create potential subscribers for brands. Huge demand for content is expected in 2012, resulting in a boom in content marketing.

How do customers of this internet era decide which product to buy? The answer comes almost instantly — with the help of their most trusted friend, the search engines. Therefore, in order to direct customers into the buying process, the smartest way a business should follow is to provide authentic online content that addresses customer concerns and queries.

Successful organizations strongly believe that content marketing generates leads, and they have already started hiring for various roles related to content management. Some of these roles include the chief content officer, managing editor, content creator, and chief listening officer.

QR Codes Marketing

Quick Response codes, a brilliant marketing phenomenon is still unknown to many. QR codes are 2D matrix barcodes that enable customers to get super fast access to the information they need. They can scan and read a QR code with their camera-enabled Smartphone. Scanning a code connects the mobile device to a web browser and gives instant access to web content. One can also create a QR code by himself. Visit to create one.

For marketers, the real challenge lies in insisting customers to scan the code. Once a customer scans the code, it is again the marketing talent that engages the customer with interesting deals, product information, etc, and impresses him with the quality of products and services, which the business offers. The popular social media site Mashable has lots to offer about QR codes. Visit and search for “QR codes.”

It’s no doubt that in the year 2012, social media is to play a vital role in marketing, advertising, and sales. Twitter is going to rock as a customer service tool. Businesses are required to devise new content marketing strategies and tactics to rule the search engines. QR codes promise limitless potential and integrating them with the current business marketing practices will surely be a trend.

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