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Best Creative Agency Instagram Accounts

Whether you use Instagram to promote your business, travel blog, or just for your own personal “aesthetic,” this social platform is a must-have to highlight the creativity and reach younger demographics. You need to buy Instagram followers in order to get a quick reach to a bigger audience.

Creative agencies have been especially taking advantage of the Instagram explosion. So what makes a “good” Instagram? We’ve pulled together a list of 9 must-follow creative & marketing agencies and what they’re doing right.

1. @hugeinc

What they’re doing right: They have the perfect balance of company announcements and fun, and they’re not afraid to share a political stance they believe in.

Huge Inc. makes the top of the list as our favorite full-service digital agency Instagram for so many reasons. For one, every piece of content is unique – which can be expected from a graphic design-focused company. They promote a balance of company announcements, client work, company culture, and stances on political issues such as Black Lives Matter, climate change, women’s equality, and immigration rights.

2. @sparkbrand 

What they’re doing right: They talk their followers along for the journey. 

Spark’s creative team shares behind the scenes as they shoot and edit advertisements for brands such as Hilton, Visit Florida, and The Dalí Museum. Their Instagram also features their latest graphic design work and unique illustrations that adds color and variety. 

3. @HZDG

What they’re doing right: They constantly use their branding to keep a consistent theme.

HZ almost always uses their signature orange color or a variation of their logo to keep a consistent (and very pleasing) aesthetic. They also don’t post too frequently – you can tell that they put a lot of thought into their content to display uniform branding.

4. @ustwo

What they’re doing right: They have killer graphic designers.

UsTwo is a digital production agency with clients such as LEGO, Samsung, and Jaguar. They showcase their creative agency in the best way possible – creatively! If you have in-house graphic designers, use them. Instagram originated as a photography platform, but mixing in computer graphics is a great way for marketing agencies to highlight their services.

5. @wolffolins 

What they’re doing right: Their content makes a statement. 

Wolff Olins likely obtains their large following on Instagram because of their simple yet colorful and intriguing graphics all throughout their feed. Instagram is one of the most visual platforms, so creative agencies should use this to their advantage and show off their talent!

6. @thecharlesny

What they’re doing right: They emphasize their individuality.

As one of the many marketing agencies located in NYC, it is important to stand out among competitors. The Charles does an excellent job at integrating business with creativity and intelligence. The company uses a unique mixture of colors and images to push the status quo.

7. @redantler 

What they’re doing right: They highlight their office culture. 

Mixed with design inspiration, another major focus of Red Antler’s Instagram feed is their office culture. This allows the company to get on a personal level with their audience by revealing their quirks and letting their followers get a close look into the daily life of the team. 

8. @360i

What they’re doing right: They show off their work. 

360i is the agency behind the iconic and seriously creative Oreo Instagram account, and they don’t hold back from showing their followers what they’re capable of. Featuring creative work that you’ve done for clients is a great way to use the platform as a portfolio and draw in potential future customers… and that’s the goal, right?

9. @akulliancreative

What they’re doing right: All of the above.

Akullian’s Instagram account incorporates all of these strategies that a top creative agency social media account needs. They keep their branding at the forefront, balance content between clients and culture, and utilize their in-house graphic designers for personalized posts.

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