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7 Common Dog Training Myths

There are tons of material available on dog training Online but not all the information that you find is correct. There are many myths which need to be busted regarding dog training.

Here are the top dog training myths that you need to ignore if you hear them again.

You Can’t Train a Pup Until He’s 6 Months Old

Puppies can immediately start learning different things from mom and other siblings. They are highly capable of learning things like potty training, learning how to walk, sights are sounds even when they are only eight weeks old. Puppies have a shorter attention span that adults and you need to take more time. So it is better to start training as soon as possible. You don’t need to wait for 6 months to start the training.

You Can’t Train an Aggressive or Fearful Dog with Positive Reinforcement

If you use aggressive training methods to train an aggressive dog will likely result in a more aggressive response from the dog. Your aggressive behavior won’t change their bad behavior. The only way to train your dog is positive reinforcement. It will earn you more respect from the dog.

A Food Reward is Bribery

Just think of humans, why do we work hard? The answer is the reward. We always have some reward in our mind. Similarly, a reward is a motivating factor for the dogs to be successful. Most of the dogs are motivated by a food reward during training sessions. You can reward them when they successfully complete a session.

Playing Tug-of-War Teaches Dogs to be Aggressive

If you heard so then it is totally wrong because Tug-of-War is a favorite game of dogs. It is also used as a reward by people who train service dogs. It is very good for dogs and canines who compete in dog sports. However, while playing Tug-of-War you should never let your dog put his teeth on your skin when he’s tugging the toy. The dog should know and obey the “drop it” command.

Dogs Work to Please Us

Dogs do not work to please us but they work because we train them to do so. In return, we also provide them with food, shelter, health care, and affection. When you ask a dog to do something we want, in return he gets the reward he wants.

My Dog Isn’t One of the Intelligent Breeds

Learning does not depend on the breed of dogs. All dogs can learn commands. However, some dogs take more time to learn what we are trying to teach them. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out what motivates your pet to learn and how long his attention span is for training. However, all dogs are capable of learning.

My Dog is Too Stubborn to Learn

Before you start training check things like a medical condition, anxiousness, and fearfulness. However, there are some breeds which can be stubborn.

So these were some myths which you need to ignore from now on. If you know any other myths then do let us know in the comments section below.

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