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5 Tools to Create 3D Product Mockups in 2021

The mockup is a static picture for the product, its aim is to show the color schemes, and how the content will be placed on the product, fonts, icons, navigational graphics, images, and the inclusive vision of the future product design and user experience. Mockups are realistic based designs of products. It is a good prospect to see how all design decisions will work together and look of the final product even before the development starts.

If you are selling a life-changing product, if the packaging of your product isn’t right, clients will never even be interested to invest in it. Before you send your designs off to the printer, digital packaging mockup designs will allow you to create a photorealistic visualization of the finished product. It means that if something doesn’t look good with the design, you can still make some changes before sending your design to print. When you get the perfect packaging design for your product, then use that design to get investors or customers interested in it. This will give your product more credibility, reliability, and a professional edge during your next business pitch. These mockups will be beneficial for your product vision and brand identity and will help you to add authority to your products. These mockups are attractive and engaging. These mockups are used for social media advertising campaigns, and their eye-catching mockups help you in providing high CTR (Click-through rate) and views on your promotional ads. Mockups are convincing, they attract the audience towards the products.

Mockups can be in 2D and 3D form as well this depends on what are you designing. Mostly for products 3D mockups are used to make them look realistic. There are many ways to use 3D mockups, like you can showcase your creative work as realistic 3D images that will make your online marketing up a level, creating a more realistic 3D experience for potential clients. Mockups have linked to the gap between a digital or conceptual design and the final realistic manufactured product. This is mostly suitable for client showcases, or for displaying images on an online store when it is not possible to show the product in a real-life situation.

Proficient designers always use creative mockup templates to showcase their artwork on different websites, portfolios to make them more likely, and when presenting a design to clients. A 3D logo mockup is the best way to present your logo design to your clients. Even when you are designing a book cover you can show that in a 3D mockup design which makes it more realistic and eye-catching. When developers Design any application or software for that they use 3D phone Mockups to show how their interface looks like when it comes live and they upload those mockups on app stores to show their consumers the interface of apps.

There are mainly two types of 3D mockups, the First one is images 3D mockups. We already are aware of what image mockups are. These are still 3D mockups for the products. This mockup shows static images display in 3D form. The second type of 3D mockup is the video form. You can create an animated video by picking any 3D video mockup and simply get your animation/animated video.

There are already many existing free 3D mockups available online you can easily download them or you can create your own mockups by using some software and apps mention below:

1. Previewed

This website is offering numerous options to create app mockups specifically 3D still mockups or 3D image mockups, device animations, and motion animation videos. You can also get social media mockups, 3D device mockups. Other tools need software or apps to create mockups but Previewed creates them without any graphical software or app. All you need to do is go to the website log in or register yourself, pick up a template easily turn your mockups into an animation. Render and export your mockups and animations in image or video formats and you’re done.

2. Adobe After effects 

Just like other adobe software adobe after effects are also proving huge graphical benefits just like you can create cinematic movie titles, intros of videos, add transitions to the clips and text. Remove any object from any clip or video. Even you can start a fire or make it rain in after effect. It can be helpful in graphical content like you can animate a logo or character, design in a 3D space. With After Effects, motion graphics, and visual effects software industry-standard are very high, you can take any item or text and make it move.

3. Envato Elements

For the designers who have a stronghold on Photoshop and illustrator this site is very handy, it has everything anyone can ever imagine. It offers infinite downloads of stock videos, photos, graphics, graphic templates, 3D mockups & more with thousands of items all in one place. All you have to do is just pick up any random mockup and customized it to your desired form.

4. Canva

This is free graphic design software that allows you to create designs easily and quickly online. There are a ton of templates, fonts, images, some are free to use. Working on Canva is easy, only need to select the elements and drag them to your work area and customize it. This program only gives you a picture form of your work it does not provide source files like Photoshop and other editing software. Canva is also available as a graphic design app that can be used on Apple and Android devices. The basic features in Canva are free, but if you want to use advanced features you will be charged for it.

5. Adobe Dimension 

Adobe Dimension is packaging mockup software by adobe which objects to make creative packaging mockups for your products. It creates photorealistic 3D renderings in very little time. Adobe Dimension is, made for skillful designers. You can also use ready-made packaging design templates from an existing website or from 3D marketplaces. It’s a proficient tool for modest, faster, and realistic mockup designs.


The 3D mockup design trends of 2021 all follow the shared goal of making visuals more eye-catching and attractive, engaging, and pleasurable. Mockups are a great business tool for showcasing products, it does not matter you are a beginner or pro designer all you need is design sense, a mockup, and software that you think suits you. Using a 3D mockup generator makes it possible even for those not expert in graphic design to create professional mockups. It saves a lot of time you don’t need to create anything from scratch. Designers understand this trend and know-how to guarantee that the mockup designs of 2021 are not only easy to use but also tempting, appealing, and fun.

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