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10 Tips to Improve Your Mental Fitness

The brain is one of the most important parts of the body as it controls the functionality of all other parts of the body. Just like heart our brain never takes rest and it is always busy in performing some actions.

So just like all other muscles, the brain also needs regular workout in order to keep its tone. Most people focus on workout for visible parts of the body but they forget about the brain which controls all these muscles.

Here are some brain fitness tips to help you improve your mental fitness:

1. Exercise for 30 minutes every day

Like all other muscles, the brain also needs a good amount of oxygen to perform properly. When you do physical exercise, it delivers more oxygen to the brain than regular which improves your memory, logical thinking and reflex action times.

2. Read often and read widely

Reading is a good habit for many reasons. And one of the reasons is keeping your mind fit. Actively reading helps improve your mental fitness.

3. Boost your levels of vitamin B

Vitamin B is very important to brain health. You need to eat the food which is rich in Vitamin B. Wholegrain cereals, leafy greens and dairy foods are good sources of Vitamin B.

4. Challenge your intellect and memory

Just like you do with your muscles, challenge your brain by going beyond the normal routine. You can do that by learning a new language. Now it is the era of technology and there are plenty of mind games available to challenge your brain.

5. Take time to relax

Stress is very harmful to the brain as an excess of stress hormones like cortisol can damage your brain. So you need to take regular periods of relaxation into your routine.

6. Take up a new hobby

Learning something new can involve the grey matter. It gives the grey matter a workout and builds new neural pathways in the brain.

7. Actively manage your health.

Always keep your self healthy as other diseases like diabetes or heart disorders can affect mental performance as well. You need to schedule regular check-ups with your doctor to prevent any damages to the brain.

8. Engage in stimulating conversations

Instead of talking about regular topics, try to talk to friends and family about other unfamiliar topics. It will help your brain to explore, examine and enquire. It will build new neural bridges in your brain.

9. Take up a manual activity or craft

Do activities which require a precise movement. It will improve your spatial awareness and increase your reaction time. You can do activities like sewing or woodwork. Sewing will require your attention and a precise amount of the movement. It is a great exercise for the brain.

10. Exercise your brain with others

In order to make sure that you do the brain exercise, you can involve other friends or family members. You can play question and answer games. It will not only create a competitive spirit but also it is a very good exercise for the brain.

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