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The Beginners Guide To Natural Herb Kratom

With the name of Kratom, it is as it is known in much of the world to the Mitragyna Speciosa plant. This plant, native to South East Asia, has been recently introduced in the West for the last decade, including Spain. Its cultivation in our climate is complicated, so Western consumers export the dried leaves.

The leaves are the part of the plant that is consumed; the best plants are those with more than ten years of age, which can contain up to 0.5% alkaloids by weight. Much of these alkaloids have been identified and characterized, but as this is a post for novice and curious so keep reading to know the effects and uses of Kratom

What effects does Kratom have?

According to KratomGuides, this is a very versatile plant. Its effects range from sedation to stimulation, so it is essential to choose the variety and the occasion well.

Its most common ethnobotanical use is to help farmers in their long working hours. However, many people report little desire to do physical work under the influence of Kratom.

Something curious that happens with the Kratom is that many users do not report any effect on the first or first shots.

On a physical level

  • Analgesia. The pain becomes less intense until it disappears.
  • Muscle relaxation. The muscles of the entire body relax.
  • Pleasure. It is common to notice comfort on a physical level, especially in the chest area.
  • Hot. A warm sensation meets pleasure.
  • Cough suppression. The symptoms of colds and flu decrease.
  • Decreased breathing. You breathe slower under the influence of Kratom. Dizziness and nausea Common in beginners with low doses. The trick is to lie down and enjoy.

On a mental level

  • Elimination of pain. The psychological distress and thoughts that hurt us emotionally speaking are seen from another perspective.
  • Mental release. Ideas flow thoughts that block us disappear.
  • Euphoria. Nothing more to say.
  • Empathy. Extremely marked in people to whom the Kratom produces an opium-like effect + MDMA. Enjoy it if you are one of the lucky ones, you will never try anything better. In those people, the only way to describe the effect is MAGIC.
  • Hypomania Feeling that everything you propose is within your reach. Take the opportunity to think, good ideas can come out that you didn’t think about before.
  • Sedation. It depends on the variety or the dose but arises sooner or later.
  • Sleep it. When the exciting part is over, there is nothing better than enjoying the second part of the experience. You enter a state where you jump between dreams and wakefulness. It is possible to experience movement sensation when entering or leaving thoughts as if your soul left the body.
  • Levitation. As with many opiates, when lying down, there may be a sensation of levitating several inches above the bed.

Uses of Kratom

The one that you want to give! Discover what is going with you. These are the uses that have been commented to us once:

  • Disconnection from the world on weekends
  • Ideal coffee substitute
  • An effective remedy to combat pain
  • Destroy anxiety and leave it KO
  • Get out of depression
  • Opioid detoxification and even other drugs
  • Lucid dreaming

Is the use of Kratom safe?

Kratom has been proven effective for centuries; its consumption requires only common sense. Know your dose! Start from the bottom; you see knowing what effects it does to you and thus avoid overdoses.

Avoid daily consumption: Kratom generates dependency, so if you consume on the weekend, rest during the week.

Take it in a pleasant environment. If nausea or dizziness arises, the ideal is to have a sofa or bed to lie on.

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