Privacy Policy

Email Policy never spam its users and we do not bombard our users with promotion emails, offers and newsletter unless you subscribe to receive emails.


We collect following information using tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console when you visit the website:

– The IP or proxy server IP.
– The operating system which your computer uses.
– Your location; mainly your country and city.
– The date and time of your visit.
– The duration of your each session.
– The number of pages per session.
– The number of times you visit within any day, any week or any month.
– The referral website.
– The bounce rate.

Cookies uses only session cookies that expire as soon you quit your browser.

User Comments

We welcome our user to express their thoughts about a particular topic and help other users with useful opinion. However we follow a strict policy for spam comments. We reserve the right to approve, reject or delete any comment.

Changes to This Policy

We reserve all rights to change the privacy policy over the time. We will mention the last update date on the bottom of this post. Please keep visiting this page for latest updates about our privacy policy.

Last Update

May 15, 2017

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