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Disclosure was established to serve the WordPress industry. Our team writes genuine content to provide WordPress users valuable insights about the WordPress themes, Plugins and much more.

But like any other business entity, also needs financial capital and cash to survive in the highly competitive digital world. Not only this, but we need to generate money regularly month by month in order to cover its running cost. Apart from paying our web hosting bills, we also need to pay our highly qualified writers, editors and WordPress Developers.

All these expenses at are mostly compensated by generating income from banner ads, affiliate sales, product reviews or sponsored posts. Sometimes the compensation may also include non-monetary benefits as well.

Even though we may receive compensation for certain products, the review offered are our own and entirely based on facts and honest opinion of our team. They providers of products are not allowed to write the content for their promotions. We get access from the publishers of a theme or plugin and our team writes its pro and cons.

We believe all products stated on our site must be verified by the respective provider in question. doesn’t offer any guarantee or warranty for the products listed.