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Umar Saeed is the author behind AntThemes. He is a Digital Marketer, Blogger, and lifestyle writer. His work across multiple disciplines broadly addresses the narratives of human experience.

weight loss

Eating Healthy Without Going on a Diet

Losing weight does not have to mean giving up all of the foods you love forever. Lose weight and keep it off without going on a diet. The dreaded “D” word has many people running and swearing they will never diet for all the reasons under the sun...

woman bath

A Dozen Donna and Tom Approved Ways to #TreatYoSelf

Life is busy. We move from task to task, accomplishing things on our to-do list all day, which leaves us with little time to care for ourselves. Take a moment to pause, think Parks and Rec style—like Tom and Donna—and “treat yo self” to a bit of...


‘Interview with the Antichrist’ Film Review

The amazing new movie ‘INTERVIEW WITH THE ANTICHRIST’ is expected to release in September 2021 in Cinemas, but it is now confirmed that you can watch the full film on VOD (Video on Demand) starting December 21, 2020. The main theme of the film is...


11 Must-Have Tools in Your Home

Having some basic tools in your home can be very handy.If you are a new homeowner, recently moved or a young adult stepping out to live alone for the first time, then this list would be really handy for you to be prepared for any emergencies...


Tips for Effective Restaurant Management

In hospitality, business success means paying attention to several factors, such as quality, value, & branding. Learn the secrets of managing a successful restaurant. As the economy continues to flounder and consumers reign in their spending...

white collar crimes

Top Reasons for Hiring a Lemon Law Attorney San Diego

You buy a car and take it home to show it off to your family and all of a sudden, your car breaks down. No matter what the problem is, it will surely worsen your mood. Even after consulting the manufacturer, if the retailer doesn’t compensate you...

recruitment software

Why You Need A Recruitment CRM

As a recruitment agency, you may argue that an ATS or spreadsheet is all you need. And while these tools can help you stay organised and fulfill your role as a recruiter, they can hardly keep up with the constant fluctuations in today’s job market...


Fast Paying Surveys To Cover Your Holiday Spending

If I say that almost everyone in this world wants to earn more money easily and quickly then I am not wrong, right? There is a good majority of people who are earning money even in their leisure time by spending very little amount of time on the...


7 Essential Elements of a Modern Successful Website

A successful business venture cannot be executed without an attractive website in today’s day and age. Good website design helps you channel your energy and investment in a direction that is sure to boost conversions and revenues for you. New style...

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