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Umar Saeed is the author behind AntThemes. He is a Digital Marketer, Blogger, and lifestyle writer. His work across multiple disciplines broadly addresses the narratives of human experience.


Fast Paying Surveys To Cover Your Holiday Spending

If I say that almost everyone in this world wants to earn more money easily and quickly then I am not wrong, right? There is a good majority of people who are earning money even in their leisure time by spending very little amount of time on the...


7 Essential Elements of a Modern Successful Website

A successful business venture cannot be executed without an attractive website in today’s day and age. Good website design helps you channel your energy and investment in a direction that is sure to boost conversions and revenues for you. New style...

external hard drive

External Hard Drive Pros and Cons

Compared to USB, External SATA (eSATA) hard drives provide additional speed for high bandwidth applications. That performance comes at a slight premium in cost, however. While USB is the defacto standard for almost every commercially available...

injury lawyer

Speak to a Personal Injury Lawyer for Compensation

These are serious and genuine concerns, and we need you to realize that we can support you. Don’t worry about the search for a lawyer, there are usually personal injury law firms near you at that time. If you need a legitimate lawyer, you are in the...

mens fashion

Top Fashion & Style Tips for Slim Men

Slim or athletic men can have just as much difficulty as other men, if not more, in finding a suit of clothes or even a dress shirt that fits like a glove. The good news for men with a slighter or more athletic build is that the market has grown...

beauty products

Look Beautiful with FARMASI COSMETİC

Every individual wants to look beautiful, to be impressive, to be well-groomed.  says: Every well-groomed individual feels happier every time he looks at the mirror. Every human being created is beautiful. But it is different to make a...

employee benefits

Interesting and Unique Employee Benefits

Employers offer unique employee benefits to respond to employees’ needs. Offering interesting employee benefits supports recruitment and retention efforts. For many years, employers offered a predictable selection of benefits to employees. The...

article writing

The Basics of Article Writing

Ever had a good idea for a magazine article but no idea where to begin? Well, this piece answers some of the most basic questions to get you started as professional writing services. I’ve allowed myself to spend months of my writing life being...


SEO 101: What is it and Why it’s Important to Businesses

Search Engine Optimization is an important part of how businesses attract visitors to their websites, and in turn, get more exposure to their business. Any business owner, regardless of size, industry, or product/services offered, knows the power of...

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