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Umar Saeed is the author behind AntThemes. He is a Digital Marketer, Blogger, and lifestyle writer. His work across multiple disciplines broadly addresses the narratives of human experience.

social media

Four Social Media Marketing Trends for 2020

Internet users are gaga over social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The first site a corporate employee opens in his web browser the very moment he logs in to his machine is Facebook, then Twitter, and what is his homepage? Yes...


Dealing With a Breakup for Men

“Breaking up is hard to do”, goes the old saying. Whether you are the one who is doing the breaking up or the one being broken up with, a breakup can be a stressful and difficult process. Breaking up can involve awkward conversations, anger-filled e...


5 Home Loan Modification Myths

Loan modification prevents foreclosure for many homeowners. Separate fact from fiction by learning the 5 most common misconceptions about mortgage adjustments. With the current economic crisis, many homeowners are considering loan modification as a...

android phone

7 Best Android Apps Available Right Now!

In this article we will discuss the Android apps that stand alone at the top of the pantheon. These apps have become ubiquitous with Android and if you’re looking for good stuff it’s assumed that you have some of this stuff already. There are a ton...

photo blogger

4 Tools for Photo Bloggers

Photoblogs, like any other type of blog, require a number of tools and strategies to succeed. Some remain the same, such as SEO techniques and blog design. Photo bloggers need to utilize additional resources to effectively maintain their blog above...


Which Used TV You Should Buy? Sony or Panasonic?

In this article, we will compare the features of Panasonic and Sony 55-inch 3D LED LCD HDTV before you decide which one suits your needs better. Sony has traditionally been a market leader in televisions. Sony LED TVs, although slightly more...


How to Record HDTV on Your Computer

Watching television shows and movies in high definition with a high-quality tv aerial installation is a great experience. Recording them on your computer is now possible in several ways. Although you can use your cable or satellite high definition...


DLP TV Advantages and Disadvantages

The ongoing debate over which TV is best can cause consumers headaches. Here is a breakdown of the DLP television. DLP televisions are rear-projection units. This means they filter light through a color wheel to create pictures and project them onto...

android phone

Why Buy an Android Smartphone?

A smartphone can consolidate many of your devices. With Android’s expanding app market, a phone can replace everything from your calculator to your Garmin. For a few years now, when someone said “smartphone” listeners all pictured...

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