Umar Saeed

Umar Saeed is the author behind AntThemes. He is a Digital Marketer, Blogger, and lifestyle writer. His work across multiple disciplines broadly addresses the narratives of human experience.


Supply Chain Management in Ford, Toyota and HP

Supply chain management at Ford, Toyota, HP, and Dell is unique. Industries and companies work to perfect their supply chain models learning from each other supply chain and automotive case studies. Supply chain management is an integral part of...


3 Ways to Effective Customer Service Delivery

Effective customer service delivery occurs when the 5 business tiers and service channel tiers are well understood and calibrated. Organizations with the help of operations consulting, regularly redefine customer service to maintain their...

supply chain

Should a Supply Chain be Efficient or Responsive?

Sometimes emphasizing efficiency in a supply chain can lead a company too weak performance A recent visit with a medium-sized, but very fast-growing manufacturing firm in its industry has confirmed some earlier suspicions about some of the effects...


Start a Successful Small Business

Seeking out, and acting upon sound business advice, reduces the risk of early failure, and helps to ensure that starting a small business will be a rewarding experience. People start-up small business enterprises for a wide variety of reasons and...


Create a Luxury Bathroom

Investing in a luxurious bathroom will prove money well spent, as it will be a joy to use and should add value to your home. With static or falling housing markets, the “improve, don’t move” mantra has struck a chord with many of us. We assess the...


6 Tips for an Outstanding E-Commerce Web Design

The internet allows users to do almost anything they want with ease – including shopping.  Many businesses have capitalized on the opportunity by establishing e-commerce websites, making their products available online. Doesn’t matter if you...

web design

5 Signs it’s Time to Update Your Web Design

In the digital age, it is nearly impossible for a business to survive without an online presence. People rely on the internet for all sorts of information including searching for various businesses, services, and products. A website gives you the...


7 Tips for Using Images in Website Design

When creating a website, it is important to keep in mind that creating a positive in the minds of the viewers is one of the most important objectives. You would want the viewers to be fully engaged and interested in the content of your site. Adding...


7 Simple Typography Tips to Follow in Web Design

Design and communication go hand in hand in the online world and text is the best form of communication. You’ve probably noticed a rise in the use of graphics on websites. However, they aren’t as effective in getting a clear message across, like...

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